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Eliane Elias' new album "Around The City" is inspired by the time she has spent living in New York City. The Brazilian singer and jazz pianist set out to capture the "very real, snapshot-narrative of city life." For this eighteenth record, she decided to update her authentic sound by collaborating with edgy hitmakers to reach beyond her steady, jazz-oriented fanbase.

The result is a vibrant mix of inspired easy listening that combines Elias' eclectic Brazilian roots with the edgy production and songwriting skills of people like Andres Levin (who produced Yerba Buena) and songwriting trio The Matrix who wrote hits for Liz Phair, Jason Mraz, Korn and others. The album also features Eliane's cover of the Tito Puente penned-Santana hit "Oye Como Va," a reworking of Bob Marley's "Jammin" and a gutsy version of Beck's "Tropicalia."

Start your day with a stunning mix of Elias' sensual track "Running" that was reworked by DJ Strobe who previously remixed tunes by The Killers, Missy Elliot and Norah Jones. The song is a proud and positive declaration of independence that echoes her Brazilian state of mind. "I'm not afraid. All is forgiven. What's done is done. Move on with grace, slip into space. I will not hide, fade in submission," she sings.

This is simply a gorgeous tune that I highly recommend. I encourage all of you to check out some more tracks from Eliane at her MySpace page. Many thanks to Elias' team in New York for providing this track to (Click here to purchase Eliane Elias "Around The City" at Amazon.)
Download Eliane Elias "Running" (DJ Strobe Mix) [MP3]

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