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Free Download: Cazwell "All Over Your Face"

East Village club kid Cazwell is hitting the pop scene this fall with the risque disco house stomper "All Over Your Face." The song is taken from his forthcoming new album "Get Into It" that is due out on October 31.  Cocky and bold, the singer combines typical New York downtown glamour with a heavy-dose of edgy Brooklyn irony. Move over Robbie Williams. This is one helluva gay bad-ass who knows how to do disco well.

"All Over Your Face" is a remake of Loose Ends' Joints' 1981 disco classic "It's All In Your Face." The track was produced by soundboard wiz Kaz Gamble who some of you might remember from Cooler Kids. On his web site, Cazwell explains that he wants to capture the "raunchy, carefree sexuality" of the pre-AIDS era with this song. "I was trying to paint a picture of New York in the '70s, like I'm getting it on with a hooker in a hotel room, and make it all sound like one big, dirty cum shot," the singer says.

With the release of "Get Into It," Cazwell also has some loftier goals. "I want to make gay people cool again. Yeah, we have Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but not all gay men want to makeover your house," he says. "Growing up gay, you have to think outside the box your whole life. I want to show what the gay mind can do for hip-hop, for electronic music, and how interesting that take can be."

Also, check out the video for "All Over Your Face" that features Amanda Leopore. Catch Cazwell on Fridays and Saturdays night at (the recently re-opened) gay joint Boysroom in New York's East Vilage. (Click here to buy the fantastic Craig C. mix of "All Over Your Face" on iTunes.)

Download Cazwell "All Over Your Face" [mp3]

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Loose JOINTS, not Loose Ends.

Posted by: DJDS at Aug 28, 2006 7:34:25 AM

i like it

Posted by: jj at Aug 31, 2008 12:46:44 AM

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