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My Date with Justin Timberlake (Part 2)


Perez Hilton is streaming the entire version of Justin Timberlake's new single "Sexy Back." My first impression is that JT sounds a lot more cocky, raw and not nearly as slick as before. Rooted in Timbaland's crafty hip pop grooves, this tune clearly indicates a new phase in the singer's career that might be a little bolder, eclectic and dare I say, mature? It is clear that Timberlake takes his dirty pop to a whole new level with "Sexy Back. I enjoy this new song, but I must admit that it lacks some of the shiny disco gloss that made a track like "Rock Your Body" so soulful and fun to listen to.

Congrats to Perez for getting this web exclusive. I can't wait to see JT perform some more of his new tracks during his media showcase in Amsterdam where I will fly to tomorrow. Expect a full report about Timberlake's gig early next week.

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