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Video Premiere: Glideascope "Audio Cinematography"

London-based Glideascope is one of the most gifted electronic composers I know. He craftfully blends downtempo beats with mesermerizing strings and exotic instrumentation. The worldly artist introduces his upcoming new album "Audio Cinematography" with a video trailer "because the movie which would have inspired the music has not yet been made." The footage depicts diverse London street scenes to reflect the myriad of influences behind his music, from Indian tablahs to hip hop. Glideascope's unique vision serves up an atmospheric treat that eases our hectic lifestyles.

Directed by Karen Palmer. the music in this trailer was arranged and composed by Glideascope and performed by the Prague Philharmonic orchestra. Glideascope has been a long-time supporter of Arjan Writes and has kept in touch with me ever since I started this blog. I'm happy things are gaining momentum for him.

Learn more about Glideascope's music on his web site.

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