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Free Download: Sohodolls "Pleasures of Soho"


If you have ever been to London, you know that Soho has plenty of fun to offer. From the stylish mass couture at Top Shop on Oxford Street to the late night debauchery of Shadow Lounge. The Sohodolls tap into Soho's unique energy with their punchy electro-pop that captures the "decaying and desperate glamour, savagery and sex" of the London district.

The glammed up and pimped out Sohodolls are Maya von Doll (vocals), Ana Doll (keyboards), Gavin Jay (bass) and Toni Sailor (guitars). The group first got together to create their "shock pop" when Ana put out an ad to start a band. Musically, they share a love for Soft Cell, Blondie, Nick Cave and Kraftwerk. The dolls are all about showing some attitude while delivering the goods to justify it. "We rock," says Sailor in a press statement. "But we live and dress the part too. We're hugely honest, you know. The blood is real and the eye-liner is on also off-stage."

The Sohodolls also throw in a little sexual innuendo to stir the rumor mill. "This is a band where the girls all belch and fart, while the guys wear make up," Von Doll says in their biography. "And we're all straight. At least I think we are."

The group was initially signed to the famous Poptones label and put out the sweet & sour club hit "Prince Harry." Currently, the dolls are on A&G Records and preparing the release of their new single "Stripper" on July 4. Check out the excellent video of the song here. You can pre-order the single at Amazon.

While Kylie is preparing a comeback, Scissor Sisters are gearing up to take over the world and Goldfrapp is losing steam, space must be available for the Sohodoll's on the crunchy side of the pop spectrum. Download Sohodoll's crazy fun electro anthem "Pleasures Of Soho" from the group's web site or stream it first:

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I am still so surprised by the utter botch of Goldfrapp. Still no real American tour.

Posted by: xolondon at Jun 14, 2006 3:42:11 PM

Its funny but even in all that text the goldfrapp line is the one that stuck in my head. theyre so great and mute is so retarded.

Posted by: at Jun 14, 2006 8:42:12 PM

ps this band sounds like W.I.T. ... old news...

Posted by: at Jun 14, 2006 8:43:16 PM

Old or new, I like it.

Posted by: Tim at Jun 15, 2006 4:43:10 AM

They sound nothing like WIT...

And it isn't old news as they are about to rerelease Stripper.

Love this blog btw!

Posted by: Electrofreaks at Jun 16, 2006 4:46:13 PM

W.I.T. reference.. oh yeah i get it. that was based on the following deduction i presume;

electro + girls = Same Shit,


Fuck off you uninformed pleb!

the dolls are the only ones actually doing someting different.

Posted by: n-dine at Aug 29, 2006 7:05:04 PM

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