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Free Download: Formatic "State Of Replay" (Recall MHC Mix)


Formatic are like a modern-day version of Emma Peel and John Steed, the witty '60s spy duo in the popular The Avengers television series. The emerging British electro pop duo serves up a sound and image that is equally sleek, stylish, a little mysterious and has classic quality to it. All that's missing is Steed's trademark bowler hat.

London-based siblings Kate and Nik Hodges make up Formatic. I alerted you earlier about the group in May and wrote about Kate's frolicky, Blondie-esque vocals and Nik's straight up production work.  Planet Clique will be releasing a limited EP of new Formatic tracks in August, including their new single "State Of Play." Remixes of the song will be shared among a select group of London DJs to drum up support for the group among the club crowd.

Formatic gives Arjan Writes readers an early peak at what's to come by offering a guilt-free download of "State of Replay" that was remixed by the guys from Manhanttan Clique. Yes, the the same clique that also produced Andy Bell's solo album "Electric Blue" and created mixes for Goldfrapp, Mody, Fischerspooner and the B-52's. I really like how Manhattan Clique put their dance floor sensibilities to work to overhaul this tune and turn Kate into a bonafide dance diva. (Much thanks to Nik and Kate for sharing the good stuff.)

Download Formatic "State Of Replay" (Recall MHC Mix) [MP3]

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