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Imogen Heap Avoids Arrest in Knoxville


Imogen Heap got herself her in a little trouble in a Knoxville, TN hotel on Wednesday evening. Embarrassed and remorseful, the Queen of Proper told an audience in Atlanta on Friday that she had stolen a cookie box from the reception area of the local Hampton Inn & Suites in a silly, drunken stupor. "I thought I stopped doing stupid things like that after I turned twelve," she told the crowd. She explained that after downing a few Jägermeisters together with her tour merchandise manager they had set their sight on getting the cookie box from the hotel reception early in the morning. Together they managed to get the box, and Imogen put it in her suitcase before checking out a few hours later. Little did she know that the innocent burglary was caught on a CCTV security camera. Hotel management called the police who met the singer after her Knoxville gig on Thursday evening to get clarification on what happened. Imogen Heap returned the item and concluded her story that "the cookie box was escorted safely back to the hotel in the back of the police car." (Imogen photo via Royal Sapien)

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