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Feeling Like A Rock Star


I returned late last night from the beautiful city of Vancouver where I spent Memorial Day Weekend. Despite the gray weather, the city was a real treat with its gorgeous green surroundings, convenient bike paths and trendy eateries. Many thanks to all the Canadian readers who sent me their tips.

I stayed at Yaletown's Opus Hotel, a swanky boutique hotel where music, ambiance, design and comfort blend into one great lodging experience. If you're ever there, make sure to drink up Andrea's mojitos in the lobby's lounge.

Your suggestions for dining at Tojo's and West were much appreciated. Also, a shout out to Jim who just opened his Remix records boutique on Granville Street that features great imports. Walk in and browse the racks if you have a chance.

Lastly, if you look for the full rock star treatment in Vancouver, make sure to stop by Skoah on West Hamilton Street. The expert skin trainers at this facial spa will make you feel like a million bucks using their own peppermint-infused, all-natural face products. It so good to indulge once in a while.

Now back to the music.

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