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Free Download: Microfilm "Sex Education"


Microfilm are Chicago duo Matt Keppel (vocals) and Matthew Mercer (synths) who create their own distinct fusion of traditional synth pop and modern-day dancefloor music. Their common love of "synthesizers, soundtracks, high design and low art" brought the two musicians together in 2005. From Mercer's home office the two have been experimenting to develop their own sound. The group writes on their MySpace site that they want to bring vintage synthesizer pop into the new millennium. "We don't want to bore with the same track repeated over and over or get rooted into one specific style only," Matt writes me in an email. "I think 'synth pop' can and should be a broad umbrella term." The band is currently unsigned and is looking for a label to get their music marketed and distributed.

Check out the instrumental track "Sex Education" that is a fun electro-pop tune that sounds like it was put through a PowerBook shredder to create a peppy, cut up effect. Matt writes me that this instrumental track is a good example of the group's 21st century synth pop that was made for the dancefloor. Visit the duo's MySpace site for more samples of their music, including a great remix they did for Ladytron that the group might use in the future. Download "Sex Education" by Microfilm [mp3]. (Thanks to the band for sharing this track with Arjan Writes readers.)

Stream "Sex Education" by Microfilm:

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I like it, it does sound like an updated sound of old techno or synthpop music.

Posted by: Leonard at Apr 26, 2006 11:52:28 AM

Very nice dance track.

Posted by: Mike at Apr 26, 2006 1:04:11 PM


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good!have you the URLof the movie?i want to download it.

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