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Stream Goldfrapp "Supernature"

It is out in the United States tomorrow. Finally. Stream the entire album here.

March 6, 2006 in Audio Streams | Permalink


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Of course they had to release this with a different cover so I have to buy it again. (Shaking fists in the air)

Posted by: at Mar 6, 2006 12:50:37 PM

Well it's about time this album crossed the Atlantic, definitely one of my favourite albums of 2005 with Kate Bush's Aerial... Cheers and thanx for this wonderful and inspirational site!

Posted by: Pierro at Mar 7, 2006 11:18:27 AM

This has been a long time coming, at least the US release has the dvd and the bonus track that was a b-side in the UK.

Posted by: Ben at Mar 7, 2006 11:25:28 AM

OK ... i was late in getting this one but I've been listening non-stop for 2 months. Why the hell did it have to take so long?

Posted by: J.B. at Mar 9, 2006 1:47:07 PM

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