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Quote of the Week


"One good thing about music, when it kills you, you feel no pain."

Singer Brandon Flowers of The Killers who performed at Miami's Ultra Music Festival last weekend. (Image courtesy of WireImage)

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Rewind: Nelly Furtado & Timbaland


Nelly Furtado's forthcoming album "Loose" will feature an edgier urban sound compared to the pop-styled productions she has put out so far. Furtado is excited about showing off a different side of herself to people. She told told me last week that she grew up listening to hip hop and rap music from artists like LL Cool J and Ice T., and that she always wanted to tap into that raw energy for her own music. "This new album is like a throw back album for me," she tells me.  After experimenting with Scott Storch and Nellee Hooper in the studio, her label suggested to team up with hip hop prodigy Timbaland for "Loose." The two had worked previously on the remix of Furtado's "Turn Off The Light," which became a huge smash on the hip hop charts a few years back. After not having seen each other for four years, Furtado traveled to Miami to start working with Timbaland. Furtado describes the instant musical chemistry between them as  "voodoo energy." Check out the first successful teaming between Furtado and Timbaland that features plenty of voodoo-ish energy (and mudslinging!). [source]

Watch Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland "Turn Off The Light"

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Win Editors Concert Tickets


British indie rockers Editors are hitting the road to support their critically-acclaimed album "Back Room." Arjan Writes readers have a chance to win a ticket to see the group perform at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA next Tuesday evening. Email me to have a chance to win. Make sure to note "Editors Contest" in the subject line.

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Dance Smash: Craig David "Unbelievable" (Metro Mix)


I'm a sucker for Craig David. His silky voice and that deliciously formulaic pop R&B just gets me every time. His last single is the ballad "Unbelievable," which has the usual effect on me. However, it is the Metro Mix of the sappy original that really gets me bouncing around. If you listen closely, you will notice that famous synthesizer loop of Everything But Girl's "Missing" in this remix. That's hot. Stream a sample and download the entire mix on 7Digital. [source]

Watch Craig David "Unbelievable" [real]

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Interview with Anastacia


Anastacia is one of the biggest popstars in Europe and Asia who has sold over 21 million albums since her debut in 2002. In her homeland, however, the Chicago pop singer has decided to stay low-key to maintain her privacy. She makes an exception for her gay fans when she will make a special appearance during this year's White Party in Palm Springs, CA that will be held April 14-17.

The singer connects on different levels with gays. Most importantly, because her songwriting emphasizes the importance of individuality no matter who you are or what situation you are in. After battling Crohn's disease and breast cancer, Anastacia persevered and is still going strong. Her last record "Pieces Of A Dream" is a greatest hit compilation that features hit such as "I'm Outta Love," "One Day In Your Life" and "Paid My Dues." Anastacia made time in her hectic schedule to answer some questions in an exclusive interview with ArjanWrites.

You will be headlining the White Party in Palm Springs this year. What does it feel like to be acknowledged as a gay diva?
I'm completely honored to be given this title and as one of my dearest friends said "you are our new fearless leader."

As a gay diva you have the power to rule the gay planet for as long as you live. What are three new rules you'd like to enforce?
Legalize marriage for all, cure for aids and a pill so no body fat or love handles can exist.

Do you have any clue as to why gay men are so infatuated by you and your music?
Most women who are admired in the gay community have a very powerful and strong voice and I feel in some way it connects us.

You are a superstar overseas, but in the U.S. you hardly get any attention. What's up with that?
At the beginning of my career it was due to unending changes within my record label and after awhile the anonymity I have at home is not something I'm willing to sacrifice.

What are your recording release plans for the U.S. and in general?
I have no recording or release plans for the U.S. and I just released my greatest hits record overseas.

You got your start when you performed in an MTV talent show. How do you feel about young new artists performing in shows like "American Idol"? Do you have any advice for them?
I very rarely give advice because everyone beats to a different drum. Sometimes advice can push people in the wrong direction. I do think that talent shows on television have been a wonderful way to give opportunity to struggling artists.

At the White Party, you will be surrounded by handsome and semi-naked male beauty. You have a very strict exercise regiment yourself. What is your secret to staying lean and mean?
A bag of Doritos and a diet coke. I'm luck to have good genetics on my side. In my future, if I become large Marge you better not desert me! Big girls need love too!

Many of your songs emphasize perseverance and staying true to yourself no matter what. To what point can you relate with the struggle many young gays go trough searching for acceptance?

Life gives everyone a struggle. I try to see the positive within my own struggles.

Who is your favorite gay ever?
Sir Elton John! He represents strength, intelligence, power, grace, true friendship and a fierce wardrobe as well as a hot husband!

What songs are rocking your iPod right now?
Kelly Clarkson, Coldplay, Enya and the Gypsy Kings.

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