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I'm dedicated this post to fellow blogger Andy because he can't seem to get enough of cowboy love. Last week, Howard Stern debuted "Cowboys Are Secretly, Frequently (Fond Of Each Other)," a controversial track by country icon Willie Nelson that includes gay-themed lyrics like "What did you think all them saddles and boots was about? (. . .) That's why they wear leather, and Levi's and belts buckled tight. (. . .) "There's many a cowboy who's more like a lady at night." Click here to stream the entire song with lyrics.

The song was written in 1981 by Texas-born, NYC resident musician/songwriter Ned Sublette, long before gay cowboys were the current topic of conversation. After more than twenty years, Nelson finally takes the song out of closet and recorded his own version last year during an iTunes Originals session at his Perdernales, TX studio.

Since everyone is talking about the acclaimed film Brokeback Mountain and its Academy Award nominations, Stern gladly debuted this track on his radio show. Coincidentally, Nelson contributed a song to the soundtrack of the film with his rendition of "He Was A Friend Of Mine." Hail to Willie for taking a stand! Thanks to Jillian at Universal Music for sharing the mp3. (Click here to download the entire track at iTunes.)

Listen to a clip of Willie Nelson "Cowboys Are Secretly ... " [mp3]
Stream Willie Nelson "Cowboys Are Secretly ... " [flash]

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