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My Playlist: Rosie Lopez, Founder Silver Label

Victor Lee & Rosie Lopez

Last year, Tommy Boy Records launched Silver Label, the world's first GLBT Lifestyle and Culture imprint. Conceived and co-founded by Rosie Lopez & Victor Lee, Silver Label's goal is to find and develop artists and products that give voice and face to the gay aesthetic in music. The first album that is put out on Silver Label is "The L Word: Season 3" soundtrack. The double-disc set was co-produced by Rosie Lopez who has put together a hot collection of indie gems by lesbian and gay-friendly artists that echo the compelling storylines of the popular Showtime series.

She started the L Word project with more than 50 songs, and together with the show's producer Ilene Chaiken she narrowed it down to 24 tracks. For Arjan Writes, she shares her personal faves from the album with some brief personal comments.

Tegan And Sara "Love Type Thing"
Short and sweet with beautiful, haunting melodies. This was the song that felt like the center of the soundtrack for me. I imagined the other songs pulling up (towards the brain) or down (towards the feet)... but this one hit me straight in the gut.

Telepopmusik "Don't Look Back"
Angela McCluskey has one of the sexiest voices in contemporary music and the dreamy feel of the production only adds to the vibe.

Eldorado "Jaded Julie"
Fun song, makes me wanna toss sawdust on the floor and kick it!

D'Angelo "Feel Like Makin' Love"
This song is used in the sexiest L Word scene ever! "Tina and Helena in the pool" (Season 2) has just been moved to 2nd. place. Tune in and you'll see.

Sleater-Kinney "Jumpers "
Great performance by Sleater-Kinney on the show. This is a pretty intense song, feels aggressive but not angry. I love it because it starts in chaos but ends with liberation.

Maggie Moore & Yvette Narlock "Lady Loves Me"
Two great voices, as good as Elvis and Ann-Margret, depending on how many cocktails you've had before the show.

Thanks for sharing, Rosie!

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