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Temposhark is one of the hottest new electro outfits to hit the British pop scene this year. Their new single "It's Better To Have Loved" has been embraced by high-profile producers and artists including Guy Sigsworth (Madonna/Bjork/Britney Spears) and Imogen Heap. The song is also receiving airplay on influential radio stations like KCRW in California. The digital single CD includes remixes by Sigsworth,  Avril (F Communications) and Metronomy (Ladytron/Franz Ferdinand). 

Imogen Heap lends her vocals to the Metronomey's remix of Temposhark's "Not That Big" that is exclusively available for purchase on 7Digital. A must-have track for Imogen fans.

The band's music can be described as minimalist, synth-driven pop that is dominated by singer Rob Diamond's delicate, mesmerizing crooning that can be compared to the voices of many '80s singers. I even find his performance similar to Darren Hayes' vocals on "The Tension & The Spark" at times.

Temposhark was established a few years ago when Diamond and "bleep urchin" Luke Busby met in London's avant-garde club scene. According to their biography, they "wrote loads of songs (. . . ) that would've bedded nicely on New Order's 'Low-Life' and scared the bejeesus out of much of the Pet Shop Boys' 'Nightlife.'" The group recently added DJ/bassist Laurence Warder to the group.

Just like any self-confident pop band, the group likes to pay attention to their appearance. "I’ve always found wearing make up extremely liberating. I wish more guys wore make up," says Diamond in an interview with But bandmate Luke adds that they don't have the time or money to be classified as metrosexual. "I'm obsessed with music, not facial hair."

Check out some gorgeous Temposhark tunes, including the unreleased "Hard, Medium, Soft,"  their 2004 single "Invisible Ink" and of course their current single with mixes by Guy Sigsworth and others. 

Download Temposhark "Hard, Medium, Soft"
Arjanwrites Audio-2 Download Temposhark "It's Better To Have Loved" [7Digital]
Arjanwrites Audio Stream Temposhark "Invisible Ink" [real]
  Watch Temposhark "It's Better To Have Loved"

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