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Rewind: David Guetta "Love Don't Let Me Go"


David Guetta's "Love Don't Let Me Go" was first released in Europe in 2003. I really enjoyed the song and the video when I saw it played on music television in Europe a few weeks ago. Guetta is one of France's most popular DJ/producers and a leading force in the hip French house movement. The song is included on his 2004's album "Blaster" that also features Ibiza's big summer anthem "Just A Little More Love."

Directed by Olivier Boscovitch and Vincent Renaud, the video for "Love Don't Let Me Go" (with Chris Willis on vocals) is pure out-of-this-world coolness that even brings solar dust to life. On  a related note, if you're visiting Paris, make sure to check out Guetta's Les Bains Douches nightclub, a converted Turkish bath house designed by Philippe Starck. Oh la la. [source]

Watch David Guetta "Love Don't Let Me Go"

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hello arjan....
beautiful illumination, catchy tune, and astral bodies.....always, the radiance and illumination separate from such paltry and immensely pathetic bigoted or stereotypically myopic productions that become so immensely boring based on formulaic and contrived scenarios. hence, a musical break away from such fake and pretend reality that has become so fashionable.

love that you are writing about something constructively -- it moves beyond naked pictures. who knew?

Posted by: ricardo at Dec 27, 2005 12:43:48 PM

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