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My Playlist: Imogen Heap


My Playlist is a new item on Arjan Writes that spotlights a well-known personality who shares some of his or her favorite tracks of the moment. Electro pop artist Imogen Heap emailed me a some of her favorite songs that are currently rocking her iPod. I've added a short description for each track, plus I've included some comments that she made earlier about some of the songs.

Her choice for delicate productions, mesmerizing vocals and atmospheric instrumentation should come as no suprise after listenting to her brilliant "Speak For Yourself." If you have not heard it yet, I recommend you check it out.

Coppe "Shabondama"
Japanese electronica vocalist Coppe was born in Tokyo but currently resides in Honolulu. She counts  legendary jazz singers from the '50s as her greatest source of inspiration. The song "Shabondama" is taken from her album "8' that is put out by Mango & Sweet Rice in the United States. [source]

Avril "As The Music Stops"
"I really love all this artist's music. This is his latest album, though the previous "That Horse Must Be Starving" I love very much too. It takes me places. Puts me somewhere else. Makes me come up for air. He has a rather sexy French voice which may add to the potion! I've seen him live too though I got the time wrong and just caught him finishing off his set with the most mental theremin solo I have ever seen (I admit I haven't seen many) but I'm safe in the belief no-one will look or sound as good as he did that night!" [source]

Milosh "You Make Me Feel"
Canadian artist Mike Milosh "makes optimistic music for pessimistic people." He recently put out his debut album "You Make Me Feel." You can buy his entire album on iTunes. [source]

Carpark North "Human"
"I heard their song "Human" once and went and bought the album straightaway. Love the album. It's really exciting production, ridged and cut throat to wide open spaces. It's my favorite rock album of the moment perhaps because it leans to electronic as it's so precise all churned and chopped up loosing but losing no heart and no edge. Has some great "I wish I thought of that" moments. I can't wait to see this band live."

Ryuichi Sakamoto "Coro"
Ryuichi Sakamoto is a versatile Japanese composer, songwriter, producer and actor. One of his most prominent performances was his appearance "Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence" alongside David Bowie.

Sample Imogen's playlist:

Coppe "Shabondama"
Avril "As The Music Stops"
Milosh "You Make Me Feel"
Carpark North "North "Human"
Ryuichi Sakamoto "Coro"

My Playlist: Dan Renzie

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Wow, terrific post! I've been a big fan of Imogen Heap since I first heard her sing on the "Holding Out for a Hero" cover on the Shrek 2 Soundtrack (with Frou Frou). I'm excited to hear what she's inspired by. Thanks for this!

Posted by: music blog fan at Dec 23, 2005 3:06:50 AM

Thanks for the great post. I love reading who my favorite artists are listening to, especially when their inspirations are as varied as Immi's.

Posted by: Ben at Jan 1, 2006 8:27:01 PM

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