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Video Premiere: Goldfrapp "Number 1"


Goldfrapp's brand-new video "Number 1" hit The Box video channel in the U.K. yesterday. This is the second single lifted from Golfrapp's "Supernature" album. "Number 1" is a tasteful '80 synth throwback with Alison's velvety smooth vocals. I guess in Golfrapp terms this can be considered a ballad. I can't wait to hear some remixes of this track. Popjustice has more information about the "canine clinic" concept that is the theme for this great music video.

Have a great Saturday night everyone. I'm off seeing stellastarr* tonight.

Download Goldfrapp "Number 1" [wmv, 17mb]

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thank god for Alison and Will.
this video is funny, sexy and visually arresting. nice to see someone having fun with the artform.
and the song is deceptively simplistic, but it gets under your skin.
'i'm like a dog to get you'....a line i wish i wrote...!

Posted by: craig at Oct 1, 2005 4:27:33 PM

This made my day! Thanks Arjan!

Posted by: Jordy at Oct 1, 2005 5:39:54 PM

I uploaded a QuickTime streaming version. Enjoy!

Posted by: Jordy at Oct 1, 2005 6:17:09 PM

Graet Video .... And she is so sexy in that video .... thanks for the link !

Posted by: Fernando Augusto Pacheco at Oct 1, 2005 10:58:30 PM

Ah, this is a very fine one, thanx. Really love watching this site finding some new videoclips and nice stories!
Greetinx from Germany :-)

Posted by: asa5000 at Oct 2, 2005 12:45:36 AM

LOVE the funny little sort of doggy dancing she does in that...and the little details like the ass scratching she does at the end - and the dog's tongue hanging out. Really cute video and cute is not what I usually think of with them.

Did you catch the shot of Madonna carrying a copy of this CD as she left her gym last week?

Posted by: xolondon at Oct 4, 2005 12:56:39 PM

this album is very sexy with filthy beats. and the new video is ace..thumbs up for alison and here lads.
i love this pink suit!!!

Posted by: doriangray at Oct 8, 2005 4:35:38 PM

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