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Exclusive: Goldfrapp EP & Podcast Details


Mute/EMI is such a tease. First they delay the release of the new Goldfrapp record "Supernature" in the U.S. to March 2006 and now the label execs have decided to put out a teaser EP with only a few song from the new album in December. Good news is that the EP will include two bonus tracks for the full-length album. And they will also make us happy with a series of Goldfrapp podcasts!

Alison Goldfrapp wrote me that unfortunately there is not much the band can do about the album release schedule of "Supernature." "It's out of our hands when it gets to this phase of the record cycle," she writes Arjan.

Here are a few exclusive details regarding Goldfrapp's launch in the U.S.:

  • Alison and Will will be posting podcasts on iTunes and on Mute Station. The podcast will be named "Communique" and the duo will discuss the making and launch of "Supernature." Download the first podcast here. The postcast runs for almost half an hour. Hot!
  • The band has licensed music from "Supernature" to be used in the television shows "Grey's Anatomy" and "NCIS." Not so hot.
  • The Goldfrapp "Number 1" EP will be launched in September and  includes two very special bonus album tracks that have been unavailable until now: "Beautiful" and "All Night Operator." The enhanced content includes "Number 1 - Postcards From The Summer," a special montage of exclusive behind-the scenes footage from Goldfrapp's superb summer festival appearances. There are also superb remixes of"“Number 1" by Alain Braxe & Fred Falke and "Ooh La La” by Tieschwarz." Hot!
  • I will have more details about a very special launch event for the EP in December. Very hot!

Download Goldfrapp "Communique #1" podcast [mp3]

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Oh wow! I am thrilled to hear this! BEautiful is better than some of the CD tracks (and left off I suppose because it starts out with the same glammy beat as some of their otehr tracks).

You are right about the licensing. I think they should have had Nip/Tuck use ONLY their music for one whole ep. A match made in heaven, that would have been.

Posted by: xolondon at Oct 15, 2005 7:01:18 PM

I heard the new single on an episode of Las Vegas and almost choked. I suppose any exposure is good exposure...If you want their new CD but don't want to pay a fortune for it, check out www.cd-wow.com. Usually about $18.00 US and they provide free shipping worldwide. Not a bad deal.

Posted by: Brent at Oct 18, 2005 9:53:51 AM

Sorry to rain on your parade but those tracks are not exclusives. Japan got Beautiful and All Night Operator is the b-side to Ooh La La.

Posted by: gatoinfeliz at Oct 18, 2005 8:01:30 PM

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