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Free Download: Annie "The Wedding" (Unreleased Track)

Download the brand-new Annie track "The Wedding" from this e-card. The track will appear on the DJ Kicks compilation album that Annie put together and will be released on October 17.  The disc includes tracks by Le Tigre, Um, Gucci Crew and Datarock. Dutch music site iPop reports that the disc will only be available on vinyl and can currently be pre-ordered from this Australian website. Mixes of "The Wedding" will also be released on iTunes soon.

Download Annie "The Wedding" (Share the e-card and a link to the track will be sent to you.)

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Mylo Hearts Diplo

Lo Boys: Mylo & Diplo

Mylo told me yesterday that one of his favorite tracks to play right now is Diplo's mix of Spankrock's saucy "Put The Pussy On Me." The two DJs are in many respect soul brothers. Even though they both come from very different places and are influenced by different genres, the two have a knack for combining old school house, soul and '80s pop with modern production techniques and lots, lots of sampling. Mylo currently has a top hit in Europe with his Miami Sound Machine mash up and Diplo has gained notoriety as the producer of M.I.A.'s "Arular."

On "Put The Pussy On Me" Diplo stays true to his Florida upbringing with the inclusion of some deep, dirty Miami bass. Baltimore's Spankrock (MC Naeem Juwan and DJ XXXChange) is currently opening for M.I.A. on her North American tour. Don't be turned off by the racy title of the song. Diplo's remix is a fine slice of his signature mash up style that is worth checking out.

In related news, Mylo will (finally!) be releasing "Destroy Rock 'N Roll" in the U.S. on December 6. It has been over year since I picked up a copy at Oxford Street's HMV in London. And believe me, he is as ready for this U.S. release as we are. He told me he will be going back into the studio early 2006 to record new material. More Mylo news soon.

Stream Spankrock "Put That Pussy On Me" (Diplo Mix) [ra]

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Eurythmics to Release New Single, Album


I just heard a preview copy Eurythmics' brand-new single "I've Got A Life" that will be available in stores on October 31. The song is fresh and familiar with the duo's distinctive vocal and instrumental style. Lennox introduces the uplifting track with her powerful voice backed by a gospel choir while outlining the grand theme of the song:

I've got a life 'though it refuses to shine.
I've got a life. It ain't over.
I've got a way and it is the only thing that's mine.
All I'm asking for is a little tenderness.

After the acoustic intro, Dave Stewart's techno-styled rock arrangement kicks in to climax in a glorious chorus. The song is one of two new tracks that the duo wrote and recorded for their greatest hits compilation that will be available in November. Spinmeister Peter Rauhofer has signed up to remix "I've Got A Life" after his successful remixes for Lennox' tracks "Pavement Cracks" and "A Thousand Beautiful Things."

The video for the new single has been shot by photographer Matthew Rolston. His visual concept was to create a homage to the early Eurythmics days with both Lennox and Steward in suit around vintage synthesizers (just like in "Sweet Dream"). Click here for an exclusive photo from the video shoot. Listen to a 10 second snippet of the song just to get a feel for it. As soon as I receive a formal stream, I'll make sure to post it.

Download a snippet of Eurythmics "I've Got A Life" [mp3]

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Brandon Flowers About the Trappings of Success


"Ebay people. I almost came to blows with one today. We pulled up to the gig, and it's two in the afternoon, and there's these four guys standing outside, and they all have blue markers and brand-new CDs. And they're obviously not fans. So I said, 'Okay, I'll sign, but I won't take a picture.' This guy got angry, so we started yelling at each other, and he told me to go buy some eyeliner and flipped me off, and I blew him a kiss and that was it. Other than that, fans are usually quite nice." (From Spin Magazine, October 2005 via KMN)

I love how Brandon has always something new to say even though he is asked the same questions over and over again. I'm going to Las Vegas next week to see the Killers perform one of their last concerts of the year. It is time for them to go back into the studio and come up with some new stuff.

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Free Download: New M.I.A. Mixes


If haven't had enough of all the M.I.A. action this year, make sure to check out some new mixes of her first single "Galang." The Sri Lanka-raised singer is also pimping a new Honda this season. See the commercial featuring "Galang." Note how some of the song's raciest lyrics have been left out.

Download M.I.A. "Galang" (Serj Tankian Mix) [mp3]
Download M.I.A. "Galang" (Dave Kelly Mix ft. Cham) [mp3]

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