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Hell Bent Soundtrack

"Hell Bent" Cast

"Hell Bent" is one of the first horror flicks that was specifically written and made for the gay community (and of course others who enjoy a good horror movie). The soundtrack for the movie is a very unique project as well. Instead of offering the usual gay circuit fare, it serves up songs by  punk and fringe bands that are gay/bi/trans and represent a side of gay music that is accessible and fun, as well as represents independent gay musicians around Santa Monica, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco – including Pansy Division, The Dicks, Texas Terri and Daisy Chaynes.

Writer and director Paul Etheredge was inspired by the grand tunes of "Black Orpheus" and wanted that same spirit for "Hell Bent." "Production values at this level of recording are often really rough. These are guitar and bass and drum bands, not electronic so much, so we really went for spirit and energy," musical director John Norris tells Arjan. "'Black Orpheus' is wall to wall music - so I took [Paul's] notes on energy and listened for three months to everything I could find - all in my car on the way to my office, or the store, or anywhere. I kept Post-it notes on my dash and made notes on every CD case that I listened to. I got back to nearly everyone, but found a wealth from local bands."

Centaur Records is considering to release and distribute the soundtrack this fall. Read an interview with John Norris to learn more about the soundtrack and its tracks.

Full tracklisting of the "Hell Bent" soundtrack after the jump.

1)   "First Betrayal" - Pansy Division –4:01

2)   "Lifetime Problems" - Texas Terri & the Stiff Ones – 2:28

3)   "Hold On Tight" - Household Names –2:54

4)   "Gone" -  THUTHEN – 4:40

5)   "Never Shut Up"- Texas Terri Bomb – 3:16

6)   "Might As Well Be You"-  Skinjobs – 3:38

7)   "Who's Your Daddy "- Nick Name – 3:07

8)   "Femme Fatale" - Three Dollar Bill –2:49

9)   "Porno Di Giorno" -Nick Name – 2:33

10)   "Strike 3" - Texas Terri Bomb – 3:09

11)   "I Think I Love You" - Paul Lekakis – 3:50

12)   "He Waits Too Long" - IAMLOVED – 3:12

13)   "Go Away Before I Change My Mind" - Skinjobs – 5:13

14)   "Edge of Town"  -Daisy Chaynes – 2:58

15)   "Know You " -  Best Revenge – 1:35

16)   “Foot Transportation”  IAMLOVED –4:19

17)    "Everything"  - Colton Ford – 9:44

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I totally need them to release this... Thanks, as always, for the info!

Posted by: kev at Sep 19, 2005 7:35:49 PM

I saw this movie this weekend. It is horrible.

Posted by: at Sep 19, 2005 9:51:23 PM

I know some people who saw it, and they liked it. The reviews weren't that good.

Posted by: Dutchimport at Sep 21, 2005 1:09:42 PM

Im waiting for the movie here

Posted by: Ethan at Sep 26, 2005 10:13:40 PM

Very cool movie with one great pumping electro track (which one???)..Tried to get the movie for an XL queerclub for the passionate & perverted in november but it's not on dvd..yet! Shame...

Posted by: DJ DDR at Oct 6, 2005 2:08:19 AM

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