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Brandon Flowers About the Trappings of Success


"Ebay people. I almost came to blows with one today. We pulled up to the gig, and it's two in the afternoon, and there's these four guys standing outside, and they all have blue markers and brand-new CDs. And they're obviously not fans. So I said, 'Okay, I'll sign, but I won't take a picture.' This guy got angry, so we started yelling at each other, and he told me to go buy some eyeliner and flipped me off, and I blew him a kiss and that was it. Other than that, fans are usually quite nice." (From Spin Magazine, October 2005 via KMN)

I love how Brandon has always something new to say even though he is asked the same questions over and over again. I'm going to Las Vegas next week to see the Killers perform one of their last concerts of the year. It is time for them to go back into the studio and come up with some new stuff.

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so jealous! I only got to see them once this year and I know it will be ages b4 the next tour

Posted by: Pop Muse at Sep 28, 2005 1:32:33 PM

"blew him a kiss" that's funny.

Posted by: Rido at Sep 28, 2005 1:53:38 PM

enjoy the vegas show - I'm bummed I won't be there; I've seen them like 3 times or something in vegas... but I'm seeing them friday at the jones beach show. and you're so right - he's so inventive w/ his responses. and, of course, so g-d sexy.

Posted by: kev at Sep 28, 2005 7:48:35 PM

breaking news: THE KILLERS are going into studio together with U2´s genius producer FLOOD...thats ace...so more KILLERS than FILLERS are coming up next year.

@ alan: how was the show in vegas?

cheers. d.

Posted by: doriangray at Oct 8, 2005 4:38:12 PM


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