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Video Premiere: Bebel Gilberto "Winter" (Nuspirit Helsinki Mix)


Check out Bebel Gilberto's brand new video for the remix of "Winter." This track was remixed by Finland's Nuspirit Helsinki and was taken from the Brazilian singer's remix album. Founded in 1998, Nuspirit Helsinki is a collective of DJs, producers and musicians who have their roots in house and jazz. Their reworked version of "Winter" is a wonderful, downbeat version of the original.

Watch Bebel Gilberto "Winter" (Nuspirit Helsinki Mix)

August 30, 2005 in Video Premieres | Permalink


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this is a great remix. I love babel gilberto, my personal fave of hers is "Aganju" on the six feet under soundtrack. the song can be heard free right now at:

Posted by: sumier at Aug 30, 2005 8:38:43 AM

What a great remix. Arjan, thanks for sharing!

Posted by: fernandoARG at Aug 31, 2005 10:42:33 AM