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Free Download: LEVY "On The Dancefloor"

Fans of Coldplay, Keane, Athlete, Embrace and other British-type emo-rock, should check out "On The Dancefloor" by LEVY. The band was initiated by singer/songwriter James Levy who grouped up with three others in New York City in  2003 to form LEVY. After playing the city's hipster scene for two years, the band will finally be releasing their debut "Rotten Love" on September 13.  Also, listen to the sun-tinted "In The Woods" on their MySpace page. This is definitely some buzzworthy stuff.

Download LEVY "On The Dancefloor" [mp3]

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Towleroad's In Heavy Rotation

It has been over two months since Andy Towle has posted his eclectic music picks in the "In Heavy Rotation" series. Read and listen what this supernice blogger has selected for this month's installment. His faves include Sia, Royksopp, Depp Dish and Suzzane Palmer.

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VMA Update: DJ Earworm @ LIFEbeat


San Fransisco's DJ Earworm is getting his big break this weekend when he will be spinning during the MTV2/LIFEbeat benefit in Miami. You might remember DJ Earworm from the incredible mash up "No One Takes Your Freedom" that he made of Scissor Sisters/George Michael/The Beatles/Aretha Franklin. That mix has gotten so popular that it has been included on the compilation disc "The Best Mash Ups In The World Are From San Fransisco."

The MTV2/LIFEbeat even on Saturday marks an important phase in Earworm's career. "I got the gig from someone inside MTV who found my website and liked the tunes," he tells Arjan. "When I first made these mash ups, I never dreamed that I'd be playing them for the artists that are in them. And then to play with the Bravery, and for such an important cause, helping educate young people about HIV.
It's such an honor."

DJ Earworm is preparing several hot, new mash ups. Keep checking his web site for updates.

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VMA Update: Killers Soundcheck

(Click image to enlarge)

In anticipation of the year's biggest music event, I will make several posts between now and Sunday about the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami. I will be off to Miami this weekend to attend the show and work the carpet. (I'm hoping this thing will blow over soon and without any damage.)

The Killers finally will get their long-awaited welcome into the mainstream this Sunday when they perform during the show. The band is on an extremely tight schedule jetting between Europe and the U.S. to their make their scheduled concert commitments.

Brandon, Dave, Ronnie and Mark were soundchecking their VMA set in Miami earlier this week. They will be performing in the U.K. on Friday and Saturday, and will fly straight back to Miami from Leeds to perform at the MTV show. A fan was able to take some snaps of their rehearsal in Miami. It  gives us the chance to preview Brandon's fashion, which is looking mighty fine (as usual). The band played "Smile Like You Mean It," "Indie Rock 'N Roll" and "All These Things That I've Done." I'm betting they will do a medley of "Mr. Brightside" and their new single "All These Things That I've Done." (Soundcheck photos via the Killersnetwork.com)

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Kelly Osbourne Versus Visage


A controversy is brewing concerning Kelly Osbourne's recent single "One Word" that was penned by hit writer Linda Perry. For months, readers have left messages on this blog questioning the degree of authenticity of Perry's composition. Some have claimed the similarities between Osbourne's "One Word" and Visage's "Fade to Grey." Yesterday, Numanoid commented that the co-writers of Visage's "Fade to Grey" (Midge Ure, Chris Payne, Billy Currie) are  interested in Osbourne's single as well.

Billie Currie writes this week on his website: "There is a particular hurtful irony about the 'Fade to Grey' track as I am discussing with Chris Morrison's (80's Ultravox & X Midgeys Manager) secretary, and attempting to resolve with Midgey through this route, the copyright abuse of "Fade to Grey" by the writer Linda Perry who wrote 'One Word' for Kelly Osbourne."

Kelly Osbourne acknowledges the similarities between the two songs as well in the August issue of Interview. "[One Word]  was one of the last songs we recorded. The studio we'd been recording in was remodeled and turned into a film editing studio, so we had to move into this other studio. It was really gothic and black, and there were gargoyles on the wall, and then we started playing with the sound of an organ," she tells interviewer Rufus Wainwright. "It's very Visage Fade to Gray."

Listen to a clip of both songs to compare:

Listen to a verse of Visage's "Fade To Grey"  [Real]
Listen to a very of Kelly Osbourne's "One Word" [Real]

To be continued.

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