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Annie @ Scenic, NYC


David is sharing two of pictures of Annie's performance at Scenic in New York City last Wednesday night (click the images to enlarge). He wasn't too impressed with her performance and writes: "(...) she was unexpectedly terrible. The album is hot, but she's a terrible performer and you could barley hear her. No stage presence at all." This was not the first time the Norwegian singer was criticized for her live performance. Thanks for sharing your photos and review, David.

Arjan interviews Annie
Download Annie's "Heartbeat" [MP3]
Watch Annie's "Heartbeat"

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Andy Bell Mixes Goldfrapp

Exclusive from erasureinfo.com: "Andy Bell and Manhattan Clique have been working on a remix of the new Goldfrapp single. Their mix of 'Ooh La La' will include a new vocal by Andy and will be available as part of the single release on August 8th." Check the Goldfrapp website to hear the single, excerpts of the album, see the video and much more.

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Arjan Travels


My blogging will be lighter than usual as I'm traveling in Europe for the rest of the week. I made this picture at a record store at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. As you can see, many American artists also rule the Dutch charts. Some interesting tunes I heard on Dutch radio are Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" (remember that she's is not known here as an American Idol) and an anthemic version of Fischerspooner's "Never Win" that was remixed by Benny Benassi to fit the dance-oriented audience here. It sounds nothing like how Casey and Warren intended the song I think.

Sample some tunes from the Dutch pop charts:

Arjanwrites_audio Fischerspooner "Never Win"(Benny Benassi Mix) [buy]

Arjanwrites_audio Amerie "1 Thing" [buy]

Arjanwrites_audio Audiobullys ft. Nancy Sinatra "Shot You Down" [buy]

Arjanwrites_audio Bon Garcon "Freek U" [buy]

Arjanwrites_audio Akon "Lonely" [buy]

Arjanwrites_audio Max Graham ft Yes "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" [buy]

Arjanwrites_audio Axel F "Crazy Frog" [buy]

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The Killers "All The Pretty Faces" (Live)

Brandon Flowers at Glastonbury 2005

After debuting at Glastonbury last year, the Killers were one of the headliners at the annual English music festival this past weekend. "We played one new song, and other than that it's the same old," singer Brandon Flowers told NME.COM after his band's set. "I hope people aren't sick of it." NME.com also reported that the fashionable Flowers was wearing a dapper, mint green blazer.

That one new song Flowers referred to is "All The Pretty Faces," a tune the band has been playing for American audiences during their recent U.S. tour. It is a signature Killers' track featuring Dave Keuning driving guitar riffs, Flower's idiosyncratic vocals and Ronnie Vanucci's background vocals. Flowers told MTVAsia earlier that "[the song] is big and open, it breathes a lot and there's still a song there."

Check out a live version of "All The Pretty Faces" that was previewed at Glastonbury this weekend. Many thanks to a kind Killers' fan for recording this.

Arjanwrites_audio  The Killers "All The Pretty Faces" (Live at Glastonbury 2005)

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Glideascope Remix Competition

More than 500 remixers have submitted their own version of Glideascope's "Big Big Disgrace" in a special competition by Glideascope in association with MusicDish Network and others. The winning entrant will have the opportunity to see their remix featured on the commercial album release. The winner will be announced in the next few weeks. Check out two entries that Glidescope revealed on his web site today:

Arjanwrites_audio Glideascope "Big Big Disgrace" (The Judge Remix)
Arjanwrites_audio Glideascope "Big Big Disgrace" (Digital Leprechaun Remix)

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