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Coldplay S.O.S. Remixes


I've never particularly been a big Coldplay fan, but I've been enjoying the group's latest album "X & Y." Chris Martin's intricate wordplay, the massive emo-driven sounds and the resolve that speaks from Coldplay's music is both energizing and touching. Take for example their current single "Speed Of Sound." The song is basically about life-changing events that always seem to come at the speed of sound when you least expect it. The band's grand tunes and climatic melodies makes them ideal material for uplifting dance remixes. Check out some of the "Speed of Sound" remixes I've heard so far. The C64 and white label remix are similar but differ in length. The white label remix dub is my favorite among the bunch.

Arjanwrites_audio Listen Coldplay "Speed of Sound" (white label remix dub)
Arjanwrites_audio Listen Coldplay "Speed of Sound" (white label remix)
Arjanwrites_audio Listen to Coldplay "Speed of Sound" (C64 Mix)
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