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Preview Goldfrapp "Ooh La La"


The wait is almost over. Goldfrapp's web site revamp was launched a few days ago to prepare fans for the release of their forthcoming new album "Supernature." If you click here, you can listen to a short preview of the duo's brand-new single "Ooh La La." I'm hearing Alison Goldfrapp echoing Blondie. Is anybody with me?

This is what their publicist writes me, "(. . .) the single 'Ooh La La' is a thrilling slab of glam-noir. Vibrant and visceral, the track is pure excitement and tension, delivered with the downright dirty insouciance that we have come to expect of Britain's most captivating act."

We still need some patient though. The single drops August 23 and the album hits stores on September 20.

Arjanwrites_audio Preview Goldfrapp "Ooh La La" [MP3]

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Video Premiere: Kelly Osbourne versus Kelly Clarkson


By now most of you will agree that Kelly Osbourne's "One Word" sounds identical to Visage's '80s hit "Fade To Gray." But regardless of producer Linda Perry's dubious creativity and Kelly's vocal flaws, the video for the song is a classy, Orson Welles inspired video shot in sumptuous black and white.

If you prefer to look at a true "American" idol, check out Kelly Clarkson's new video for "Behind These Hazel Eyes." Clarkson is having a great run scoring another hit song that combines her all-American girl looks and powerful vocals. This chick is made to be a star. Make sure to check out Kelly rolling in the dirt as bride to be at the end of the video.

Arjanwrites_video Watch Kelly Osbourne "One Word" [QT]
Arjanwrites_video Watch Kelly Clarkson "Behind These Hazel Eyes" [WMV}

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Fischerspooner "Never Win" (Mirwais Mix)

(Exclusive) Preview the Mirwais Alternate Mix of Fischerspooner's forthcoming new single "Never Win." The album version of the song was produced by Mirwais as well, and this alternate mix features a few additional bells & whistles but differs not dramatically from the original. The single CD with mixes will be released later in June.

The lyrics of the song describe Casey's frustration to work with Warren to complete their "Odyssey" album.

This is what Casey told me about the battles with Warren and the helping hand of producer Mirwais, "It was a painful process to make this record. I didn't think I was going to be here a year ago (. . .) I mean hands down Mirwais saved my life (. . .) Warren and I just had a lot of personal problems and I didn't think it was worth it because I was so unhappy. He was so overwhelmed with all the work that he had to do that he was not able to co-write with me anymore. So I felt really abandoned. And then he sorta resented the fact that I was not more of a traditional songwriter. And he'll admit to this, he was abusive and mean. It just got to the point that it was really, really bad, unpleasant and cruel."

Don't forget that my Fischerspooner contest expires on June 1. Click here if you want to win FS posters, vinyl and t-shirts.

Arjanwrites_audio Sample "Never Win" (Alternate Mirwais Mix)

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Pretty in Pink

This is why we love Brandon Flowers. It's Chanel Dior, baby!

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Mix Up Erasure


Kudos to Erasure for coming up with a very original way to promote their current single "Don't Say You Love Me." On erasuredownload.com, you can take charge at the producer's sound board and remix the track to create dozens of new versions. The concept of the sites' design reflect a little game about love – picking petals off a flower one by one.

Mix and match vocals, drums, synths and other sound effects by picking your own petals. For example, you can morph Andy's vocals into "pure," "on the radio," "sweet dreams," distant call" or "love robot."  Click on the bird to reset your composition and start over.

Erasure has carefully created and chosen several possibilities in their work. They offer you to create your own favourite version amongst the different interpretations created by them. If you like the track you produced, you can actually buy it. However, every version you are able to purchase is unique since no one else will be able to get an identical version.

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