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Video Premiere: The Killers "Smile Like You Mean It"


Check out a clip of the Killers' new video "Smile Like You Mean It." The video is not available online yet, and this recording was taped by a fan from a British music station on Friday. It is not the best quality, but it gives you a feel for the video. The clip shows Brandon and the boys walking in and out of parties as transparent shadows. I must say that I find this the first Killers' video that is produced with a budget that reflects the band's rising status. On a related note, Coolfer wrote recently that the Killers have become a "textbook case of artist development" with their debut "Hot Fuss" at #8 in the Billboard Album Chart for the second week in a row in its 40th week of release. Really curious to see the band at the Wiltern in L.A. in two weeks.

Arjanwrites_video Watch "Smile Like You Mean It" by the Killers [AVI] [Mirror]

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