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FS Release Parties


Flyer for exclusive Fischerspooner "Odyssey" release parties. Click the image to enlarge and see the dates/cities. Try to make it. This new record is hot.

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Jim Verraros Dance Remix


After escaping from "American Idol" captivity, Jim Verranos breaks loose with a new sound and image on his upcoming album "Rollercoaster." The gay singer was on the first season of "American Idol" and the very first person voted out of the top ten. After the tame self-released "Unsaid & Understood," Verraros went on to win the 2004 Out Music Award for Outstanding Debut . In the same year, Verarros also made his movie debut playing Kyle in independent film Eating Out, directed by Sundance Film Festival winner Q. Allan Brocka. There is life after "American Idol" after all (keep hoping Ruben!).

"Rollercoaster" is said to include "well-crafted, pop gems similar to the recent work of Justin Timberlake. Verraros' voice would have you mistake him at times for a young George Michael." Noteworthy is that Angela Peel, another "American Idol" finalist in season one, co-wrote four of the album's 11 track. 

Arjanwrites_audio Listen to "You Turn It On" (Dance Mix) by Jim Verraros [WMA]

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Video Premiere: The Killers "Smile Like You Mean It"


Check out a clip of the Killers' new video "Smile Like You Mean It." The video is not available online yet, and this recording was taped by a fan from a British music station on Friday. It is not the best quality, but it gives you a feel for the video. The clip shows Brandon and the boys walking in and out of parties as transparent shadows. I must say that I find this the first Killers' video that is produced with a budget that reflects the band's rising status. On a related note, Coolfer wrote recently that the Killers have become a "textbook case of artist development" with their debut "Hot Fuss" at #8 in the Billboard Album Chart for the second week in a row in its 40th week of release. Really curious to see the band at the Wiltern in L.A. in two weeks.

Arjanwrites_video Watch "Smile Like You Mean It" by the Killers [AVI] [Mirror]

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Feel Better, Sam!

The Bravery had to cancel an important gig at Miami's Winter Music Conference tonight due to illness of singer Sam Endicott. The band performed last night in New York and a source very close to the band told me Sam nearly fainted on stage due to performing with a fever. Ouch. Feel better soon, Sam! In the meantime, let's enjoy that rad video for their new single "An Honest Mistake."[ Real] [Windows]

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More Kylie Leaks

At the risk of turning into a Kylie fan site, go check out two new Kylie Minogue tracks that have been leaked on the net. "Made Of Glass" is a Xenomania-produced track that will appear as the B-side of her fortcoming new single "Giving You Up." More interesting is the track "I Know" that is supposedly co-penned with Scissor Sis Jake Shears. If anybody has more information, please post.

Arjanwrites_audio  Listen to "I Know" by Kylie [MP3]
Arjanwrites_audio  Listen to "Made of Glass" by Kylie [MP3] (link removed)

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