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Vote for Dance Music Awards

Dance buffs attention! You can now vote for the International Dance Music Awards that will be given out at Miami's upcoming Winter Music Conference. Categories include Best Underground Dance track, Best American DJ, Best Dance Video and Best CD Compilation. Take 10 minutes or so to go through it all.

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Chick With Balls


This is the official album cover of Lisa Marie Presley's new record "Now What," that will hit stores on April 5. Find a larger version of the sleeve art on Flickr. I've always thought of Presley as a chick with balls who is not afraid to speak her mind. This record is no different with Presley letting it all hang out.

Living in the spotlight since she was born, the first single "Dirty Laundry" is a fierce statement against the excessive news media. Presley is unflinching yet sensitive on songs like "Idiot" ("Please remember me, forever believe in me, as someone who's never gonna wish you well") and "Thanks" ("And here's to the next time I wrap myself around a tree, I know that you'll be there with bells on to pull me off"). She also duets with Pink on the track "Shine."

The tracklisting nicely sums up the mood of the album:

1.    I'll Figure It Out
2.    Turbulence
3.    Thanx
4.    Shine
5.    Dirty Laundry
6.    When You Go
7.    Idiot
8.    High Enough
9.    Turned To Black
10.    Raven
11.    Now What

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Video Premiere: Erasure "Don't Say You Love Me"


Check out the fantastic video for Erasure's new single "Don't Say You Love Me." The video is a colorful animation featuring singer Andy Bell as a lunar astronaut. Vince Clarke is comfortably set behind the switchboard to bring Andy back to earth. "Don't Say You Love" is a vintage Erasure love song and the second track taken from their latest album "Nightbird."

Arjanwrites_video  Watch Erasure's "Don't Say You Love Me" [WMA]

Arjanwrites_video  Watch Erasure's "Don't Say You Love Me" [Real]

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Brandon Flowers Speaks about Gay Fans


In a recent interview with British gay magazine Boyz, the Killers' Brandon Flowers riffs on gay fans, transsexuals and a date with Elton John. The interview also appeared on Kill Me Now, an excellent daily newswire with information about the Killers. Below are a few clips from the interview. Jump over to Kill Me Now to read the entire story.

Boyz: You're a big hit with gay indie gentlemen, were you aware of that?
Brandon Flowers: I assumed that.

Why, do you get a lot of boyz throwing themselves at you?
Er, sometimes, yeah.

How do you feel about it?
Well, we're here for boys and girls. We don't turn anybody away!

You used to play in a transsexual bar in Vegas, didn't you?
Yeah, we played at a place called Tramps once a month. A friend of ours was a DJ and he set up a night at this place, spinning Britpop and things like that, and so it was perfect for us to play in between the DJ. There'd be the occasional tranny, but it was really a mixed crowd.

You played with Elton John recently didn't you?

We played with Elton in France, and we're going to go out for dinner with him as well. We're so excited! He has a show in Vegas, and he's a big fan and we're big fans of his. When I was 13 I really got the Elton bug and all his 70s hits and stuff were so amazing, so I can't wait.

So are you taking him out or is he taking you out?
I don't know. I wouldn't mind buying Elton dinner! We owe him for the music he's given the world.

Do you think Elton wants a piece of you?
I think he's into Ronnie, the drummer.

Tickets for the Killers' sold-out tour auction for $600 on eBay
Brandon Flowers photos on Flickr

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Sneak Peek: Fannypack "See You Next Tuesday"


Sassy New York street troupe Fannypack is the brainchild of DJs Matt Goias and Fancy. Together with singers Jessibel Suthiwong, Belinda Lovell and Cat Hartwell, the group became an underground club sensation in 2003 with "So Stylistic" that featured the gimmicky lead single "Cameltoe." Part hip hop, part rap and part Double Dutch, Fannypack's style is best described as a freeflowing parade of rap and bouncy beats. 

Their forthcoming second album "See You Next Tuesday" features guest appearances by Mister Vegas, Brooke Lugo of 4evermore and Jen-O-Vee. The album picks up where their fun and frothy debut left off with some distinct new touches.

Listen to "Seven One Eight" (with country and western harmonica), "Keep It Up" (a cheerleading anthem that features a true marching band) and the low-beat "Fire Fire" that features Peruvian flutes and Indian tablas. Good times guaranteed. "See You Next Tuesday" will hit stores on March 22.

Arjanwrites_audio Listen to Fannypack on MySpace

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