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Casey Spooner Interview


There's nobody better than Casey Spooner to reveal more about Fischerspooner's forthcoming new album. In my recent interview with him, he spoke candidly about some of the tough challenges he faced when making "Odyssey." He also discussed his inspiration for some of the new songs, the group's upcoming tour, fashion line and the vision behind the "Odyssey" logo. Check out an unedited transcript of the entire interview.

Casey provided some very compelling commentary and I felt it was appropriate to make the interview available without space-saving edits or interpretation. Look out for Fischerspooner's single "Just Let Go" on iTunes next week.

Listen to songs from "Odyssey"
Fischerspooner's Valentines wish for fans (Thanks, Mikal!)
Fischerspooner "Odyssey" Style Guide

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Ace interview Arjan! Enormous compliment for you that Casey was so open and answered so thoroughly. Will link this on Saturday.

Posted by: DREADNOUGHT at Feb 16, 2005 7:51:27 AM

Great interview, Arjan.

Posted by: pony at Feb 16, 2005 2:04:46 PM

Again great stuff Arjan!! Casey was very candid in the process of making "Odyssey". It's nice to hear that even Casey has 'self doubt' thoughts that make everyone human. Casey you shouldn't doubt yourself your a great artist whose paid your dues and is living your dream so enjoy it baby!!! And Warrren too. I'm glad that both Casey and Warren made it through this one. I agree that separately they wouldn't be as dynamic as they are together. Sometimes a great partnership comes from a love/hate relationship that gets the creative sparks going. Hope they make it through future projects and hope to see them perform on this side of the Atlantic!!

Posted by: Henri at Feb 16, 2005 2:47:56 PM

Well now I feel dumb! I just commented on one of your other fischerspooner posts.. but seeing as you interviewed Casey very recently of course you know the information I shared with you!

Great interview by the way!

Posted by: Nick Rhodes at Feb 17, 2005 3:22:42 PM

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