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Erasure gets into the Christmas spirit on the video for their new single "Breathe." Set in urban, neon-lit Japan, the video is a modern interpretation of "The Little Match Girl" Christmas story that Hans Christian Anderson wrote in 1846.

Watch the video: [Real] [Windows Media]

The story of a young Japanese girl trying to sell her matches barefoot in the cold, dark streets tragically unfolds while Andy Bell sings on television screens in store displays and billboards. Vince Clark, Erasure's other half, is conspicuously missing from the video.

The synth-pop ballad is one of the melodic and touching highlights of Erasure's forthcoming CD "Nighbird." Just as in the original story, the girl in the video ends up freezing to death while holding on to her matches, one of which is burnt.

I'm not sure if this new Erasure song will be picked up by the American crowd, but this timely and stylish video will likely be a hit for the group in Europe where most of their fans are.

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