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The Seven Forgotten iTunes of 2004

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I was reorganizing my iTunes playlists today and came across some tunes that were left in a miscellaneous playlist. Let's call these some of the forgotten tunes of 2004:

BT vs. The Doors "Break On Through (To The Other Side)"
BT has worked his magic on this classic by The Doors and created a pulsating dance mix that fully respects the '60s original. [iTunes]

Jem "Maybe I'm Amazed"

Jem is one of 2004's true breakout artists. She shines on this cover of Paul McCartney's original. The song appears on the second "Music from The O.C." soundtrack. [iTunes]

Thievery Corporation ft. Perry Farrell "Revolution Solution"

Jane's Addition singer Perry Farrell adds his distinct vocals to this excellent track by world music groovers Thievery Corporation. The bisexual Farrell sings, “The toil of the many goes to the fortunate few” over eastern-inspired rock (tablas included) in one of the trippiest protest songs I've ever heard. [iTunes]

West Indian Girl "Hollywood"

Created in their Hollywood Hills studio, foursome West Indian Girl combines atmospheric electronica and rock to create a hazy soundscape that is truly mesmerizing. If you have a chance, also check out their self-titled debut album. [iTunes]

Magnetic Fields "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend"

The Magnetic Fields is the brainchild of gay composer Stephin Merritt who leans on both vintage pop and alternative rock. New York house remixer Robbie Rives teamed with Merritt for a dance remix "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend" that is taken from the album "i." A worthy flashback to '80 synth pop.[iTunes]

Lemon Jelly "Stay With You"
Lemon Jelly's Nick Franglen and Fred Deakin mix up their mellow grooves and breaks with the chorus of Gallagher & Lyle’s I Wanna Stay With You."  Also check out the colorful video for the song. [iTunes]

Gotan Project "La Cruz Del Sure"
The musicians of the Gotan Project take you right to the vibrant nightlife of Buenos Aires with its passionate tango rhythms and sexy Spanish vocals. [iTunes]

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New Year's Eve 2005


Rhythmism has published an extensive list of New Year's parties around the world. Highlights:

Armin Van Buuren @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Carl Cox @ Luxy, Taipei
Crystal Method @ Giant Village, Los Angeles
Deep Dish @ TBA, Budapest
John Digweed @ Giant Village, Los Angeles
Junior Vasquez @ Roxy, New York
Paul Van Dyk @ Ikon, New York City
Sasha @ Playa Acapulco, Acapulco
Infected Mushroom @ Aria, Montreal
Joris Voorn @ Docklands, Amsterdam

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Music for Relief

Pop-rockers Linkin Park have joined forces with the Red Cross in an effort to aid the victims of the recent tsunamis in Southeast Asia. They call their effort Music for Relief and the project will soon also include other artists. "We hope that anyone and everyone who can help will. We hope people will contribute what they can, because we can really save lives," said Linkin Park's Brad Delson. For more info, visit the Music for Relief web site. The site does list any of the other participating musicians at this time (via MTV News). 

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Tsunami Relief Effort

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Please help the relief efforts in the areas hit by the earthquakes and tsunami in Southeast Asia. The horror and utter devastation caused by this disaster is overwhelming. I've created a blog advertisement to point readers in the right direction if they are looking for ways to support organizations that are reaching out to victims.

Thanks to Andy, Michael, Mia, BoifromTroy, Jossip, Steph & Alek, Robert, Robert , David, Josh, Alex, Renee, Serena, Joy and Gabriel for stepping up and donating ad space to post the "Tsunami Relief Effort" ad . Together we can create a powerful blog ring to support the relief efforts. If you have a blog and would like to join, please email me for materials.

The ad points to "Hands to Southeast Asia," a special Flickr photogroup with people from around the world sharing information about relief organizations. The group also shares pictures of hands that are a symbol for sending the power of their urge to help the people of  Southeast Asia. If you look for more up to date information, you can also visit tsunami.blogspot.com or a special page at Google. You can also make donations via Amazon.

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The Seven Worst Albums of 2004

There can't be a list of best albums of 2004 without a list of the least essential and least favorite. Here are my picks for the seven worst albums of the year:


Linday Lohan "Speak"
I met Lindsay briefly at the MTV Movie Awards in June and I was charmed by her enthusiasm and down to earth manners. But this album was a let down. Her fifteen minutes are almost up.

Tears For Fears "Everybody Loves A Happy Ending"

I'm still wondering what they came back for.

Courtney Love "America's Sweetheart"
We all love some good drama, but too much self-indulgence stinks.

Soundtrack Will & Grace: Let The Music Out
Sorry guys. You know I love Will & Grace but this album is such a missed opportunity. Megan duetting with Carly Simon? Come on.

Lenny Kravitz "Baptism"

This is so bland, it makes my toes curl. Even a flashy GAP commercial can't make this album sell.

Ashley Simpson "Autobiography"
Mediocrity rears it ugly head.

The Prodigy "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned"

Okay, I didn't get this album. It is too loud, over the top and meaningless. (Cool sleeve art though.)

Honorable mentions: William Hung "Inspiration," Fantasia "Free Yourself,", Cherie "Cherie."

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