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Meet Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls


Gwen Stefani's "Harjuku Girls" is arguably the centerpiece of her delicious "Love Angel Music Baby" album. The song is Stefani's ode to Japanese pop culture (and Harjuku's colorful youth scene in particular) that was the primary source of inspiration for the record and her L.A.M.B. fashion line.

On "Harjuku Girls" (produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis) Stefani croons, "In a pedestrian paradise. Where the catwalk got its claws. A subculture in a kaleidoscope of fashion.  Prowl the streets of Harajuku (. . .) Putting on a show , when you dress up in your clothes, wild hair color and cell phones, your accessories are dead on. Harajuku girls you got the wicked style. I like the way that you are. I am your biggest fan."

Look at some everyday images [Flickr] of Harajuku girls.

Tokyo's vibrant Harjuku district has been the hip and happening force behind much of Asia's cutting-edge underground culture. The area used to be the home of the US military right after World War II. In 1964, it housed many of the athletes during Tokyo's Olympic Games.

Inspired by the international influences of the Olympics, Harjuku became the epicenter for everything different in the  late '60s. Today, an eccentric cast of hippies, punks, rockabillies, street performers still flock to Takshita Street, Meiji Dori Avenue and Omotesando Dori Avenue to hang out and show off their distinct style.

Check out a live performance "Harjuku Girls" by Stefani [Sessions@AOL] or sample the song online [iTunes].

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I just want to commend you on your coverage of Justus Boyz "Snow On Christmas Day." The group's music is the perect fit for holiday cheer!
Tony Fama
Oak Park, Michigan USA

Posted by: Tony Fama at Dec 7, 2004 6:53:34 AM

Justus Boyz have a truley unique sound that will inspire the music business for years to come.

Posted by: Dean at Dec 9, 2004 8:19:41 AM

I just listened to "Snow on Christmas day," I loved it! Just like everything else these guys do...it's awesome! They can't do no wrong! Keep makin' music!!!!!

Posted by: John Papcun at Dec 10, 2004 7:15:59 AM

i love japan too i wish i could meet gwen and her girls i want some of those funky cool clothes they were wareing too. i've always wanted too live in japan .i hope to take japanese lanuage lessons. well bye

Posted by: cara stephens at Dec 11, 2004 12:20:07 PM

What the hell happened to Cradle of Filth pictures?

Posted by: Mia Herrera at Dec 12, 2004 3:06:31 PM

It seems Gwen Stefani & now Eve have discovered the Harajuku girls have tons of disposable income...what shameless pandering to a wealthy market.

Posted by: Jason M at Dec 15, 2004 1:26:49 PM


Posted by: brian at Dec 16, 2004 8:36:39 AM

wow that is one horrible song!

Posted by: jj at Dec 17, 2004 7:06:48 AM

harajuku girls are so cool

Posted by: Taylor at Dec 19, 2004 8:01:17 AM

Harajuku rules. Gwen is always one step ahead into fashion and new tendencies. I can bet now everyone is going into japaneese, of course, she did first.

Posted by: at Dec 19, 2004 8:20:58 PM

Harajuku girls has thier own thing going on and we didn't need gwen to come around and be held responsible for something that already excist. Her solo album just makes me want to barf now and she only mentions harajuku girls in every lyric. I was just about to tolerate her jamican phase when this came a long. WHY?? OH WHY??

Posted by: vanessa at Dec 21, 2004 9:56:55 AM

hi i love gwen i am a harajuku gurl

Posted by: Natalie at Dec 22, 2004 4:56:09 PM

She might be pandering but everyone pimps themselves in the music industry now days. I mean the only people making true music are broke. So before we get too harsh, we need to sit back and examine how pathetic the whole music industry is in general.

Posted by: Mandy at Dec 25, 2004 4:13:04 PM

Gwen you are a great singer you rock!
I'd really want to meet you one day
beacause you are one of the best singers no one would beat you at singing .Say hi to the Harajuku girls .

Posted by: Vivian S . at Dec 28, 2004 10:11:44 PM

I love the whole harajuku thing with Qwen. I think it fits her alot. Tokyo Pop is the best thing that was ever made. L.A.M.B. has the best hand bag

Posted by: at Dec 31, 2004 4:47:23 PM

I am one to love the style of Harajuku. Gwen has so much potential of becoming a great designer and bringing some of em eastern style to the U.S. Seeing the trends now, well lets just say it would be hot.

Posted by: Paul N at Dec 31, 2004 5:20:21 PM

I adore Gwen Stefani..Her music is so amazing..whether it be with or without Tony, Adrian, and Tom. I have so much respect for her. I love her keen sense for fashion but as much of a fan I am, I must admitt..
Her solo album does somewhat seem like a big advertisement. Like I love just about all of the songs on there, but when everything's all about her clothing line, it get's to me. But whatever.. I Love Gwen -musically, fashionable, and any other way possible. Harajuku Girls are awesome!

Posted by: Hailey at Jan 2, 2005 4:26:06 AM

Harajuku girls...I'm thinking they are like the "Gothic" of Japan only with more imagination/color and less moody. Every country has a little something like this. I love Gwen Stefani and her music,but Harajuku girls... I think most of japanese girls are not Harajuku girls.

Posted by: aya at Jan 3, 2005 3:30:12 AM

only some ppl in harajuku dress like the gothic girls in the sample images. most just have really cool/different clothes...

Posted by: kazu at Jan 3, 2005 8:54:09 PM

I love that facted that Gwen love's Japan and Harajuku Girls. They really have great style, much better then most people in the U.S.

Posted by: Gregory at Jan 4, 2005 8:36:14 AM

I adore Harajuku Girls and Gwen Stefani. I can't wait until L.A.M.B is out and I love her new hot single Love, Angel, Music, Baby it's da bomb.

I ain't no Hollaback Girl
and all u other hatas All i here is talk!!!!

Posted by: Crissy at Jan 4, 2005 1:50:43 PM


Posted by: FRANKIE-LEE at Jan 4, 2005 2:04:54 PM

Gwen ROX!!!! i just got her cd on christmas and it's my favorite!!!! haha i sond like a prep.... any ways i want to be a harajuku girl!! it's not fair!!!! WAAAAAAA w/e bye

Posted by: Imbobay at Jan 4, 2005 2:05:46 PM

wot is gwens big obsesion with Harajuku Girls??. i think she is a wkd singer with gr8 fashon. eveyycolour suits her.
but in most her songs she mentions Harajuku Girls. im gonna have 2 look on google and c wot fashon the have.
gwen rox my sox big time

Posted by: it at Jan 5, 2005 6:51:41 AM

whats a huruko girl???????????

Posted by: rachel c, at Jan 6, 2005 11:07:59 AM

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