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Centaur Records adds the 6th volume to its Party Groove series with a special White Party compilation mixed by DJ David Knapp. "Party Groove: White Party" is a collection of #1 hits, new recordings and standout mixes that carry the energy and excitement of Miami's popular dance and muscle extravaganza.

With a musical career spanning two decades, David Knapp has commonly been referred to as the "The People's DJ," playing a musical program that always pleases everyone in his audience.  His signature sound includes multi-layered anthemic vocals, interlaced with one-of-a-kind, on-the-spot productions. Knapp has held prestigous residencies at Twilo (NYC) and Salvation (Miami), and he has been hailed one of the six top and most influential DJs in America by GQ Magazine.

Song selections for "Party Groove: White Party" are diva heavy and dance floor primed. Knapp also draws from popular remix producers including Victor Calderone, Tony Moran, Ralphi Rosario and Mike Cruz.  The thirteen tracks mix seamlessly blends songs from the global dance charts with new domestic releases.

The CD features songs by  hape:UK ("Lola's Theme"), Soul Central ("Strings Of Life"), Amber ("You Move Me"), Alyson ("Feel You") and Coca & Villa ("La Noche") .

Party Groove: White Party 6 will be available in stores nationwide on December 14. Visit Centaur's website to sample of every track on the album.

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