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A few weeks ago, after that overpublicized Ashlee Simpson lip-sync debacle, I drafted a column about the terrible state of the pop music industry. More specifically, I expressed my frustration about the lack of attention for forward-thinking bands like Scissor Sisters who delivered one of the best pop albums of 2004.

Adding to the drama, Scissor Sister's genius debut album quietly dropped out of the Billboard Top 200 last month and band members were making comments in the European media about their pending bankruptcy.

Instead of being pissed, I decided to put my energy in reporting some of the exciting new projects Scissor Sisters is working on.

They recently recorded a steamy hot video with John Cameron for "Filthy, Gorgeous" (via Towleroad) that will hopefully be airing on MTV2 (or LOGO) soon.

The band is also back on the road in November and December to play gigs in the United States and in a town near you. Seeing is believing.

Scissor Sisters will be performing on NBC's Saturday Night Live on December 11 with guest host Colin Farrell. Alexander squares off with Jake Shears.

Also, this week it was announced that the band will be releasing their "Scissor Sisters: We Are Scissor Sisters And So Are You" DVD. The disc will feature a recent live show by the band, filmed in Brighton and directed by famed Sex Pistols filmmaker, Julien Temple.

The DVD will also include exclusive backstage footage and many bonus extras such as a 30 minute documentary that tell the definitive Scissor Sisters story with never-seen-before early footage of Scissor Sisters performing on the New York club circuit and a few of the band's new friends dropping by.

The International Release dates are:
UK, Europe and Singapore: November 29th
USA: January 11, 2005

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