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Sarah Brightman on Marriage


"I don't think gay people are outcasts. My brother is gay and he is not outcast in anyway whatsoever. My second cousin is also gay and he is not [an outcast]. We should all be free to do what we want to. Especially in this country it is what is fought for, the freedom of thought and freedom of the way that we live. To tell you the truth I don’t even think about it. If gay people want to get married and they want to adopt children (. . .) that is absolutely fine.They should be allowed to do that. We should all be free to do these things."

Multi-platinum recording artist and musical actress Sarah Brightman in an interview with Arjan. Brightman recently released her new CD/DVD "Live in Las Vegas" and will continue her "Harem" tour in the U.S. this fall.

November 2, 2004 in Artists on Gay Marriage | Permalink


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If ever there was a perfect voice this is she. I adore Sarah Brightman amd would love to meet her in person.

Posted by: don miller at Jun 8, 2005 12:26:04 PM

I HATE gay people ! They are sick people !

Posted by: John Paul at Jul 10, 2005 7:19:15 AM

That´s nice!I think the same as her!

Sick people are the ones who have hatred on heart!

Posted by: Lina at Jul 11, 2005 2:52:46 PM

That just made me love Sarah even more. She's such an inspiration, it's amazing.

Posted by: Laura at Sep 2, 2005 11:06:04 PM

Sarah Brightman has a loving heart and is truly one of the most gifted artists!

Posted by: Deb at Oct 1, 2005 4:36:59 PM

I am very proud of Sarah for making such a statement. She is the most kind and giving person that I know and I love her personality.

Posted by: Josh Boyer at Oct 16, 2005 8:07:12 PM

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