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Fischerspooner New Album Update


It looks like Fischerspooner will be turning into rock gods this upcoming March. Sources close to the group have given some exclusive scoop on Fischerspooner's new album.

The New York art/pop duo will be releasing their much-anticipated second album on March 15. The record will be titled "Odyssey" and is expected to feature less of an electronic, but more of a rock slant (which usually means an edgier sound with live guitars and more elaborate songwriting). Fischerspooner's debut "#1" came out in 2003.

Fischerspooner has worked with an impressive list of collaborators, including French producer Mirwais Ahmadzai (Madonna), David Byrne, Linda Perry, novelist Susan Sontag and Tony Hoffer. The record is mixed in London with Mark 'Spike' Stent and Stephen Fitzmaurice. 

In his online diary, Casey Spooner, has been alluding to the duo's new rock orientation. He calls himself a "rockist," because he wants "to believe that great artists are conduits for truth. And because they truly committed to a path of internal truth they can be a barometer of the times. They give voice to collective urges that cut through the bullshit of the world and offer a brief bit of solace and real human contact."

In his diary entry, Spooner also writes about lip-syncing as a theatrical device, and about the challenge of carving out a new genre and becoming a "traditional" band when crossing over from the underground into the mainstream.

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