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Depeche Mode Releases Remix Album (+ MP3 samples)


I never used to be a fan of Depeche Mode. The group's dark rocktronica and grainy black and white videos did not particularly appeal to me until I recently listened to the solo work of lead singer Dave Gahan. I revisited some of the group's earlier records and was fascinated by the depth of the band's songwriting. Depeche Mode's latest "Remixes 81-04" comes just in time to completely win me over as a fan.

This album is based on an interesting concept. It's not so much a "best of Depeche Mode" album as it is a "best of the remixes of the best of Depeche Mode." Depeche Mode have been at the forefront of remix culture for two decades making this "Remixes 81 - 04" a sort of "best of" of the remix itself.

The three-disc set features tracks from some of today's most genre-pushing electronica artists including Kruder+Dorfmeister, Goldfrapp, Air, Underworld, Timo Maas, Flood, Ulrich Strauss, Francois Kevorkian, William Orbit, Beatmasters, Mike Shinoda and others

Sample "Halo" Depeche Mode (Goldfrapp Mix) [MP3]

Sample "Enjoy The Silence 04" Depeche Mode (Timo Maas Mix) [MP3]

Sample "Home" Depeche Mode (Air Around The Gulf Remix) [MP3]

Click here to stream the entire version of "Enjoy The Silence 04" reinterpreted by Mike Shinoda .

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Wow, Arjan... thanks for this info. I'm a fan of DM, but this one slipped under my radar. The Halo remix sounds amazing.

FYI, Two of their best albums are Violator and Ultra. Violator was DM at the top of their game. Ultra was threadbare and edgy (right after Gahan's overdose)... the last time that they really pushed limits.

Posted by: N at Oct 28, 2004 7:30:37 AM

Thanks for that post - the Goldfrapp "Halo" is amazing. I bought it from itunes based on that clip!

Posted by: xolondon at Oct 28, 2004 3:06:43 PM

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