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Kylie Minogue unveiled her ninth studio album "Body Language" with an exclusive live performance at London's Hammersmith Apollo Theatre in November 2003. Tickets for this gig were not for sale. Only hardcore fans, music industry folks, friends and family were invited to this very exclusive one-time launch party.

Now finally the performance is made available on the "Body Language Live" DVD for all Kylie fans to enjoy. In fact, this DVD might be a better purchase than the original audio CD since it features the album's best songs plus a lot more for roughly the same price.

The whole event is presented in 5.1 DTS Surround Sound, 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Stereo.

The disc also includes a behind-the-scenes documentary and videos for "Slow," "Red Blooded Woman" and "Chocolate." If you pop the DVD into your CD-ROM you will also have access to screensavers and desktop wallpapers.

Since this concert was a launch party and not a regular Kylie gig, most of the concert's songs are taken from the "Body Language" album. The gay favorite performs "Still Standing," "Slow," "Obsession," "After Dark" and more. Fortunately, Minogue also includes recent hits such as "Love At First Sight," "Spinning Around" and "On A Night Like This" (a Sydney Gay Mardi Gras favorite).

The show features four different sets that all capture a specific mood with unique visuals and costumes. The multi-angle camera direction gives home viewers a good feel of the intimate setting of the evening. Also, the show's uncomplicated stage design makes it possible to enjoy Minogue's singing and dancing without being distracted by intricate visual effects.

A nice bonus for fans is the DVD documentary with behind-the-scenes footage of the preparations for the "Body Language Live" concert and the making of the "Slow" music video in Barcelona. It also includes interviews with choreographer Michael Rooney, set designer Alan Mcdonald and shoots from the dance auditions (shirts off guys!).

In the documentary Minogue speaks about her fascination with Brigitte Bardot whom she calls "one of the world’s greatest pin-ups."

The film also includes clips from a pre-concert press conference in which the Australian explains how she prepares for her gig. "The beauty of a live show is that you can only prepare so much," says Minogue. "The last ten percent depends on the audience and what happens between us on the night."

If you are looking to find out what Minogue can pull off live on stage, her previous "Fever 2002" live DVD might be a better choice since it boasts more songs and visual diversity. This latest disc is primarily one for the fans.

Download Kylie Minogue "Slow":

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