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Alleged Scissor Sisters/Kylie Minogue Tracks Leaked (MP3)

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It is shaping up to be a busy news week for the Minogues. When I thought there was nothing left to report, another flaming story about one of the sisters popped up late this afternoon. And this is a good one.

The internet has been buzzing today with rumors about leaked tracks from recent Scissor Sisters/Kylie Minogue recording sessions. The tracks "Just Here For The Music" and "My Image Unlimited" were apparently written by Sisters' Jake Shears and Babydaddy earlier this summer. They are supposed to be included on Minogue's forthcoming new album.

However, in a public statement today, Shears denied that these were tracks co-written and produced by Babydaddy and himself.

Additional stories surfaced that Minogue had decided to axe the Shears/Babydaddy tracks from her upcoming album, because they were supposedly too personal and providing too many details about her relationship with French actor Oliver Martinez. Shears once again denied these rumors by calling them "rubbish."

Listening to these Kylie Minogue tracks I must admit that they indeed sound nothing like Scissor Sisters. Mostly like these songs are leftovers from the "Body Language" recordings.

UPDATE (9/21): Messageboards are indicating that one of the two Scissor Siststers/Kylie songs was performed at the group's show in Minneapolis on September 16. The track is called "I Believe In You" and is a pulsating, synth based tune.

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