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Janet Jackson Performs at NYC Pride

Photo by Mark Nelson

Janet Jackson made a surprise appearance at New York's Gay Pride this past weekend. Rumors were circulating for days that the pop diva would perform at the event's Pier Dance.

After public humiliation and poor album sales resulting from her infamous Super Bowl stint, Jackson gladly performed for her loyal gay fans.

Jackson firmly established herself as a gay icon with the release of her "Velvet Rope album. The singer tackled homophobia on "Free Xone," in which she proclaims that the world should be free of any discrimination. She also paid homage to a friend who died of AIDS complications on the album’s hit song "Together Again."

New York promoter Mark Nelson was lucky enough to be backstage to shoot some photos. Click here for more shots from Nelson.

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Janet, The Queen Of Pop, is amazing! She paid herself the trip to NYC! Good job Janet!
Go on like this!
Your fans form Italy!

Posted by: Enrico at Jul 2, 2004 10:27:37 AM

She looks a bit sweaty.

Posted by: nameless at Jul 2, 2004 2:11:44 PM

i think the whole left breast thing is so overblown. like as if the men are goingto turn down the chance to look at janet's breast...

Posted by: S.Carini at Jul 3, 2004 10:36:31 PM

NYC was VERY lucky to get such a talent! Miss Jackson is nothing short of fabulous and will always be an icon in my book...breast or no breast! Atlanta needs her to perform so hopefully she'll come over from her beautiful Park Place penthouse to join us in Piedmont Park next year! GO JANET GO!

Posted by: Scott at Jul 9, 2004 4:50:37 AM

I Love me some Janet!

Posted by: dee at Jul 14, 2004 8:51:20 PM

This is probably the only time I'll ever get to see Janet's breast. So I didn't mind ONE BIT! :)

Posted by: Lee at Oct 26, 2004 4:19:02 PM

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Posted by: Webcam at Mar 27, 2005 10:18:12 PM

Janet u rock! we love ur music. plz. release another album.

Posted by: Pierre at May 23, 2005 11:17:04 AM

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