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Spunky Sarah Emphasizes Individuality


Newcomer Sarah Hudson gives listeners a piece of her mind on her impressive debut "Naked Truth." With her cheeky lyrics, punky appearance and uncompromising view of the world, the singer is refreshingly unique among the pop tarts of her generation.

Hudson was born "down and out" in Los Angeles right in the middle of the entertainment industry with both her parents working in the music business. She attended an all-girls private Catholic high school where inspiration for her future songwriting was easy to come by - there was sex, drugs, Mercedes and BMW's, and lots of "Daddy's little girls."

"It was there that I began my troubled existence as a member of the disgruntled youth of today," said Hudson. "I, of course, was the one with the purple mohawk, the pierced nose and the Toyota Tercel, who always felt out of place and was constantly searching for a place to belong."

She wants to encourage people to openly express themselves and to not be afraid of who they really are. "I want to let kids know that it's okay if you feel different," says Hudson. " Just continue searching and discovering who you really are and what makes you an individual."

Aerosmith's Steve Tyler sings background vocals on Hudson's infectious first single "Girl on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown," which is now available on iTunes (music link). The track was co-written by Sarah with master producer Desmond Child.

The Bel-Air native combines the spunky edge of Pink with the pop sensitivity of Avril Lavigne. There is nothing fake or fabricated about Sarah Hudson. Her tumultuous California upbringing has given an edgy allure to her in-your-face pop rock that is both sensitive and brutally honest.

"Naked Truth" will appear in stores on July 13th.

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