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Exclusive: Yoko Ono Speaks About Gay Rights


Yoko Ono's latest dance remix project "Hell In Paradise" hits #8 on next week's Billboard Club Play Chart. The single features remixes by Murk, The Orange Factory and Minge Binge.

The success of the song in clubs around the country sets the stage for more to come. Ono plans to release a remake of "Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him" from the 1980 Lennon/Ono "Double Fantasy" album.

In typical Ono fashion, the song has become a bold statement that tackles the controversial same-sex marriage issue head on.

The pop culture legend re-recorded the vocals and included the lyrics "every woman has a woman who loves her" and "every man has a man who loves him."

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Arjan, Ono speaks about her feelings of closeness to the gay community. "Their struggle is a human rights issue to me," she says. "I have suffered myself from racism and sexism all my life. I know what it feels like to be an outsider. I understand what position gays have been put in."

"A lot of people are testy and angry about the situation in the world and they’re trying to find a scapegoat," argues Ono. "The result is that people focus on things that really are not an issue, like civil rights for gays."

The remix EP has been pre-released on iTunes (music link) and features remixes from Basement Jaxx and Dave Aude. These pulsating remakes combine carefree dancefloor escapism with Ono’s powerful message about equality.

(Photo courtesy of Ole Christiansen)

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