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Amber on Marriage

"In this day of age and in the presence of violence and war, I think that it is plainly ignorant to think that you should forbid their love and question the sincerity between 2 people that happen to have the same sex. It is a proven fact, that being homosexual is NOT by choice but a genetic pre determination. If you are giving gay people the same duties in this society - you MUST give them the same rights and choices in return. Many of them are willing to adopt children, left behind by straight couples, and raise them in loving homes - I don't ask you what is going on in your bedroom and I am simply not interested either- for me- the main key is love and respect- and as long as you are a person that has that in his heart - I cannot see anything wrong with it. We need to grow up already and start worrying about the REAL issues in this world!"

Singer Amber in an email to Arjan.

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