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Sophie B. Hawkins Kicks Off Tour

Sophie B. Hawkins loves being on tour. She and her three bandmates are currently touring in their small van around the country. "We basically only stop for treats," she tells Arjan. "We take breaks at gas stations to get some new chips, water and souvenirs. Stopping is the best part of being on the road."

Over the years, the self-described "omnisexual" Hawkins has built a steady lesbian following. "The song lesbians most often request is 'Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover'," she says. "I am glad to give it to them."

The Grammy-nominated singer also performs songs from her upcoming record, “Wilderness,” which she co-produced with the Berman Brothers (Amber, Ben Jelen).

Hawkins also introduces fans to a new singer-songwriter: gay artist Jen Foster, who opens for Hawkins. "I like what Jen does," Hawkins says. "I think she is very good."

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