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Music with Balls

DJ Manny Lehman is currently the undisputed king of the DJ circuit. He is a self-proclaimed “freight train” who likes to stir up club crowds with his explosive barrage of progressive house beats.

He recently put out his new remix album “Banging 2: Progressive Beats” on Tommy Boy Records. The album features a high-velocity compilation of 15 dance remixes that have never been released before. Lehman has included tracks by Kristine W (“Save My Soul” -Gabrial & Dresden Bootleg mix), Superchumbo (“This Beat Is” - Victor Calderone Tribal mix), The Roc Project/Tina Novak (“Déjà vu” - Guido Osorio Vocal mix) and others.

How did this album come about?
I had a longtime wish to work with Tommy Boy Records. They do a great job at selling dance music on the streets. I have been in touch with them for a while and when my existing contract with Foreplay Records ended, it turned out to be the best time to move forward. It all happened really fast.

Was there an overall concept behind the album?
I wanted to make a fun, progressive sounding album that you can play when you’re working out, cleaning the house or when you have party. Not just monotonous droning, but exciting beats.

How did you come up with the track listing?
It is a Tommy Boy release, so I had a selection of Tommy Boy tracks that I could select from first. I also had a wish list of tracks that we had to license to use.

What was on your wish list that did not make it on the album?
Well of course I wanted “Milkshake” and stuff like that. We had to make a lot of fast decisions and we did not get everything that we requested. That is how it works with a lot of compilations. There is some excellent A-class material on the record though like Murk, Kristine W.

It is great to hear previously unreleased mixes of these artists…
Oh yeah. It is hot. It is a nice little twist to stuff people already know.

Is there any track on the CD that stands out for you?
I love the track “Shining” by Double Dee. It sexy, funky, jumpy. I love that one.

Is it difficult to condense a DJ gig into a record?
Yeah, that is pretty hard.

How do you do it?
Well, basically I use the same formula on a smaller scale to make sure it is still a cohesive sounding thing. So I start out hard and go up, up, up and keep building as much as I can. Then when I reach the point that you can’t build anymore I bring it down and make it sexy.

So this record basically is like a night with Manny?
You got it! A condensed version of it.

You’re the hottest DJ on the circuit right now. What is your secret to success?
I just keep it fun. I don’t take it too seriously. I’m just one of the boys playing for the boys. I’m not Beethoven, I’m not Mozart. It is all about good times.

Is it true you’re a huge Lord Of The Rings fan?
Oh yeah! I’m a humongous Lord Of The Rings fan. I think Peter Rauhofer made a Lord house mix. I want to get my hands on that so bad!

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this cd is supersexy. i recommend it.

Posted by: dncmnc at Mar 2, 2004 10:34:36 AM