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Paul van Dyk Dreams of Pop


Trance music has evolved ever since it hit the mainstream pop charts. This crossover has resulted in an entire new breed of superstar DJs and techno fans. A group of European spinmasters has moved the genre to a different level with a pop-sensitive approach that combines high-tech synths with heartfelt melodies. Leader of the pack is East German-born Paul van Dyk who has has captured audiences with his relentlessly secutive, hypnotising beats since 1991.

In conjuntion with the release of his new album "Reflections," Van Dyk performed at Atlanta's Eleven50 on October 9th before a large group of glowstick-swirling fans.

Paul van Dyk has been critized for selling out his true techno soul for a dreamy pop vibe that will do better in the hit charts. His latest album does indeed appeal to a mainstream crowd with tracks such as the glorious single "Time of Our Lives" (featuring pop rock band Vega 4), "Nothing But You," and "Homage."

However, Van Dyk's live performance demonstrates that he is still in full control of his nifty Apple Powerbook. He easily pulls up his hits in MP3 format, but also freely mixes his fierce beats and celestial crescendos, creating a mind-expanding tour de force that proved to appeal to both his hardcore base and newer pop fans.

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PvD NEVER spins with MP3 format. in various interviews, he tells how much he specifically abhors the shitty quality of MP3s. Just because he uses a Mac to mix doesn't mean he's using Mp3s.

Posted by: daniela at Oct 14, 2003 2:11:27 PM

pvd never uses mp3s... he uses his laptop only to introduce live samples... althoug his production is a little bit inclined to the pop, he always plays great progressive or trance remixes of his hits... I heard a lot of great DJs, but no one could do with crowd what PVD does!

Posted by: vnl at Jul 7, 2005 7:06:54 PM

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