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DJ Alyson Calagna Loves Her Tribal


Last month, Centaur Music released the addition "A Weekend In Oz" to the highly acclaimed Party Groove dance series. The dance remix CD was put together by young, up-and-coming DJ Alyson Calagna.

Miami based DJ/producer Calagna was first exposed to house music as a child in Aberdeen, Scotland. At the age of sixteen, while living in Louisiana, Alyson found a natural calling to the turntables, which led to her first residency. Currently, she is travelling the country spinning her fierce tribal beats.

How did you get your start as a DJ?
Eleven years ago, I was dancing at a teen club and a good friend of mine was the DJ. He showed me what he was doing and how he was spinning the music. I really got a taste for it then and I have been hooked ever since.

How do you describe your spinning style?
I play mostly house music. I like the whole spectrum from deep sexy sultry house to progressive beats. The only thing you know that you will always get with me is percussion. Lots of it! This girl loves her tribal!

What do you feel makes you unique?
I am not really sure. I believe every DJ has their their own signature style. I can't really pinpoint what makes me unique. Somebody else should comment on that.

What is your secret to getting a crowd moving and excited?
Now, if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore!

How do you prepare for a DJ gig?
I listen to a lot of old and new music that I have. I try and play new vibes at home a couple of times a week. I have to be careful not to overprepare, because then I loose my intuition for the music. Overall, if my energy is good and my spirits are up, the rest just flows automatically.

How do you like playing gay circuit parties? Do the gay boys treat you well?
I love playing for all kinds of crowds. Making people dance is my passion. Circuit parties are a blast. I used to play at raves and circuit parties are basically gay raves with a much better production. The boys are great. They treat me like a lady. They are very appreciative of good house music. I love that about them.

How was it to create the latest Party Groove CD?
It was great! I have worked with Centaur before so it was nice to work with them again.

What vibe did you want to convey on the CD?
I chose to remix more vocal tracks for the CD, because I wanted to convey the mood of a closing party. I still threw in some percussion on a few of the tracks. I am very excited about the final result.

What are some of your favorite tracks?
I would have to say I love the tribal tracks the most, of course. DJ Fist's "El Pajaro" and Echoes From Doruma's "Chus & Ceballos." Both have amazing percussion and they are songs that just make me feel good.

What DJs do you feel most related to?
There are a lot of DJs that I feel that I can flow with. One of them would be DJ Paolo -- he is my tribal husband.

What DJs have inspired you?
Do you have all day? I can name hundreds. The first inspiration would be the Tunz crew back in Lafayette, Louisiana. Then once I started to spin house, Danny T. because of the deep tribal. Junior Vasquez because of his technical skills, Abel because of his Cha Cha. I could go on and on forever .

What music genre would you never include in a set?
In a dance music setting, I really don't like trance. I'm not saying it's bad or anything. It just doesn't fit in my groove.

What is in your opinion the future of club music?
I can only say what I hope for. I hope house gets housier. Good vocal house that has lyrics with a message or a meaning. Not just another remixed pop song. I want sexy soulful tribal music!

Please find Alyson's playdates on her web site http://www.djalysoncalagna.com/

Publicity photo by Dale Stine.

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Well us gay boys love Miss Alyson and her tribal too. She is simply AMAZING. You betta mutha f^@kn' WURK.
Love You,

Posted by: Greg at Oct 21, 2003 7:01:56 AM

Alyson rocks! It is hard to imagine her as up and coming - with the fan base she has.

She has ARRIVED!

Posted by: Roy San Francisco at Oct 21, 2003 10:43:34 AM

Alyson is here, in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).

We are lucky guys!


Posted by: andre garça at Jan 23, 2005 9:30:32 PM

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