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Cooler Pop

SISLEY TREASURE WAS AN AVID Internet chatter and often used America Online to find like-minded people to make music, go to raves and hang out. When this club kid and fashion maven found DJ Kaz Gamble in AOL’s member directory, it was a match made in pop heaven.

Treasure, 21, was looking for a singing gig, and Gamble, 26, was searching for a vocalist for his new music project. In a phone interview with the Blade, Gamble recalls, “I only randomly check my AOL e-mail account, but I fortunately found Sisley’s e-mail. Her timing was perfect. She sent over some tapes of her singing and dancing and she got the job.”

Treasure and Gamble formed the group Cooler Kids and started working in the studio on their first record together with production team Pop-Rox. The fruit of their labor is the debut “Punk Debutante,” which appears in stores on July 1.

“Punk Debutante” is a refreshing take on pop music. The album features 12 tracks that offer an infectious fusion of catchy melodies, disco-house arrangements and a heavy dose of ultra-hip attitude. Songs such as “All Around The World,” “Morning Star” and “Hook Up” are instant hits for their irresistible pop quality.

In preparation for the record release, Cooler Kids hit the gay scene to build a strong fan base for their new-millennium vibe. Earlier this year, they opened for Erasure during their North American tour. Treasure giggles, “That tour was so much fun. We got to see a free Erasure concert every night.”

With her offbeat style and pseudo valley girl antics, Los Angeles native Sisley Treasure is quite the hag that gays love to embrace. The feelings are mutual.

“It is really fun to perform in front of all the gay boys. They’re my favorite audience,” Treasure raves. She says, “Gays have been really accepting of the party vibe that we bring. Not just the music, but also our fashion. I make our entire wardrobe and gays are so appreciative and responsive.”

To celebrate their debut CD with the gay community, Cooler Kids will be on the Next Magazine float during New York City’s Gay Pride this year and will be at Roxy and Opaline/Area10009 for more appearances.

GAMBLE EXPLAINS THAT HE HAD A very clear vision when he wrote the album. He says, “Most importantly, I simply wanted to make good pop songs. Sing-along, whistle tunes. I wanted to compete with classis songwriters such as Carol King, The Beatles and Abba.”

The album’s production is surprisingly sophisticated for a seemingly carefree pop album. Gamble agrees, “We have strong songs, but then we have tripped-out sounds, beats, flips and other sound effects that people might not have heard before. We wanted to make eclectic pop.”

Gamble explains that there was a reason to call the album “Punk Debutante” in a time when even popster Avril Lavigne is considered punk. He says, “Honestly, we feel it is punk to be fabulous. We want to be glamorous and that is our punk vibe against the norm.”

The group’s hip style is also reflected by the album’s artwork, which was shot by famed gay photographer David LaChapelle.

Cooler Kids’ melodies often seem reminiscent of music that dominated the charts in the ‘80s. Gamble argues, “Some people say we’re going back to the ‘80s. That is not true. In fact, we have always been into ‘80s pop.” He continues,” We continued to do ‘80s drum ‘n bass that nobody liked for a while. Now we’re bringing it back and the crowds are loving it.”

Treasure adds, “People can pretend we’re big ‘80s stars and this is our come-back record.”

The two pop purists feel that their music will strike a chord with many. Gamble claims, “I think a lot of people are ready for a fresh new sound. People are fed up with hearing the same angry rock ‘n roll. We relate to that. We had to make this album because nobody else is making it.”

Cooler Kids
‘ Punk Debutante’
DreamWorks Records, 2003 (July 1)

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cooler kids rule, theyre the best pop band ever!!!!!!

Posted by: Brett at Dec 10, 2003 8:20:52 PM

The Cooler Kids are awesome! I cannot stop listening to their album! I bought all my friends copies. I cannot wait until their next record!

Posted by: K'Lito at Jan 7, 2004 11:17:24 PM

I just spent the last few days with Kaz Gamble and he is the nicest guy ever....and I've been listening to album loads too...I love it!!

Posted by: Lisa at Oct 4, 2004 9:46:18 AM

I really like Cooler Kids and their music. I just can't find any real sites about them. Their site www.coolerkids.com is not working, least not for me. Does Cooler Kids have a myspace.com site or a livejournal or some kind of blog or jounral thing? I would like to see it.

Posted by: Amanda at Sep 1, 2005 9:46:29 PM

When I bought Monster Rancher 4 I fell in love with its opening theme and it wasn't until I beat the game that I found out the songs name, as well as the artist; Dreams Can Be, By: Cooler Kids. Now I want to hear more music by them! So far no luck, for the reason of no Cooler Kids site as stated above.
The reason I think gay people like Cooler Kids music is because they are not afraid to express their emotions. I am not gay, but I am secure enough to let my less manly emotions run freely. If "Dreams Can Be" is any indicator of the type of music Cooler Kids produces, then I want to hear more. Every time I listen to that song, tears form in my eyes through sheer happiness! I truly hope that I can find some of their music soon so I can listen to it apart from Monster Rancher 4. Wish me luck!

Posted by: Joel at Dec 5, 2005 10:17:12 PM

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