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Powerhouse Britney Turns "Pop-Corny"

Love her or hate her. I decided to love her. But not unconditionally. When I saw Britney printed on popcorn bags at my local movieplex something struck me. In an effort to promote her new movie, I realized Britney’s massive promotional onslaught was starting to work against her. Powerhouse Britney has become pop-corny, turning her sexy art into a shameful farce.

Crawling on the music scene three years ago, Britney created a teenage girl craze and a high-school boy fantasy with ’Baby, One More Time.’ The anthem that ignited Britney to superstardom, creating a cash cow business that record executives most often only dream about.

Never change a winning team, must have been the credo of Britney’s recording company. All her music albums were a set of cleverly produced pop tunes by Swedish Max Martin. It all sounded very much the same. But it was all cool. It was Britney - what was not to like about her? We adored her and she couldn’t possibly do anything wrong.

Then there was Pepsi. Brit signed a mega-sponsor deal with the mighty soda boys. As official spokesgal for the company, Brit appeared in skimpy Pepsi outfits on television, movie theatres and on zillions of Pepsi cans. There was no way back -- Brit was massive!

The year is 2002. The 20-year old Powerhouse blond is debuting in her first feature movie ‘Crossroads’ and another ad offense kicks off on Superbowl Sunday with a new generation of Pepsi commercials.

But something is cracking…

Is it her make-up? Is it her voice? Is it, oh my, her highly-publicized-but-never-confirmed silicon breast implants? No, it is Britney’s pop throne that is getting shaky at the bottom.

Face it.

Britney’s musical progress is basically non-existent. Her artistry is static with all of her three albums sounding completely similar.

But there is more. In her quest to crossover from teen star sensation to mainstream pop icon, Britney is trying to please all. Being the sweet Disney girl while acting as the sexy Playboy kitten at the same time is clearly a fake, fabricated personality. Fans will recognize this and soon lose interest.

Britney’s management sees the problem. Her latest smash ‘Not a girl, not yet a woman,’ is blatantly created as an excuse for the ’flesh nor fish’ persona she is forced to take on to appeal to all demographics.

There is a better formula to sustain superstardom. Madonna was a teen sensation in the early eighties, but weathered through musical styles and looks for more than 20 years. She stayed on top by reinventing herself, by choosing one style, not compromising her art to satisfy all. This created a level of artistic quality and superstar integrity that has eventually created respect amongst critics and fans.

Pop queen Britney goes corny. She is becoming her own caricature. Hey Brit, take a long vacation and come back stronger and better than before. Surprise us! In the meantime, I will just have my popcorn without you.

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